Consider these Eight Key Tips for an Effective Workout!

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An effective workout is key to making progress on your weight and health journey. Many people set out to move more, exercise and stay active, which is great! All movement matters. But a focused, strategic workout can take you so much farther.

Why an Effective Workout Matters

Every body is different, and everybody’s weight management journey is different. What works for someone specific may not work for someone else. That’s why knowing your body, your needs and your goals is so important!

Have you ever lifted weights in the gym, or gone for a short jog that didn’t make you feel like you accomplished enough? It might be because your workout wasn’t as effective as you thought it would be. A big part of that equation is knowing how your body performs and what you need to make real and lasting progress.

Consider these Eight Key Tips to Ensure Success

  • Combine Cardio with Strength Training – Work not only your heart, but all of your muscles.
  • Hydrate and Energize – Make you drink plenty of water and fill-up on protein.
  • Start Your Workout with a Plan – A plan will help you stay focused and intentional.
  • Bring Motivation – This could be a music playlist, a workout buddy or even an audio book.
  • Stretch Beforehand – Stretching will help prevent injury and prime your body for activity.
  • Pick the Right Weight – You’ll want something that’s heavy enough, but not too heavy to lift.
  • Make a Mental Connection – Think about the muscles you’re working while you exercise.
  • Log Your Workout – Describe your workout in full detail inside a journal to track progress.

Each time you prepare for a workout, try not to forget the tips we’ve mentioned above! Log them in your phone, write them down on a piece of paper or store them in your memory. YOU drive the success of the workout. Don’t let it control you!

Want More Tips for Creating an Effective Workout?

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