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Weight and weight loss are complex issues. Weight is a sensitive topic and talking about it can be intimidating. That is why, your healthcare provider plays an important role in your weight management journey. In order to help you find the right health professionals for your weight management support team, the Obesity Action Coalition launched the Obesity Care Locator. Through the Obesity Care Locator, you can find a healthcare provider that will help you understand how weight impacts your health, the benefits of weight management and the best options for your weight management journey. With this resource, finding the right healthcare provider is a click away!

How does it work?

  • Bariatric Surgeon – A bariatric surgeon is a surgeon who specializes in bariatric surgery, also called weight-loss surgery.
  • Dietitian – A registered dietitian (RD) is an expert in nutrition and food information. They can help you learn about food, how to plan a healthy diet and how eating a healthy diet can improve your health and help fight disease.
  • Nurse Practitioner – A nurse practitioner (NP) is a licensed clinical nurse who can treat patients without the direct supervision of a physician. A NP is able to prescribe medications, examine patients, diagnose illness and provide treatment.
  • Physician – A physician (MD or DO) is also commonly called a doctor or medical practitioner. A physician has completed medical school and is a medical professional who focuses on maintaining or restoring a patient’s health.
  • Physician Assistant – A physician assistant (PA) is a medical professional who can diagnose illness, provide a treatment plan, prescribe medications, and serve as a principal healthcare provider.
  • Psychiatrist – A trained medical doctor (MD) who can diagnose and treat mental, behavioral and emotional health issues.
  • Psychologist – A healthcare provider (not an MD) who treats mental, behavioral and emotional health issues.
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Get Useful Tips

Prepare for your next appointment with resources from the Your Weight Matters Toolkit:

  • Get valuable tips on what to bring to your consultation.
  • Get practical weight and health information to better understand your journey with weight.
  • Learn the questions to ask in order to have an honest conversation about your weight and health.

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