Your Workout Checklist: A Helpful Guide for Maximizing Exercise

Checklist Maximizing Exercise

Not everyone is a seasoned athlete, but consistent physical activity is key to a healthy lifestyle. On the other hand, getting “back in the game,” or even starting a new game altogether, can seem incredibly overwhelming at first. Exercise is all about progression… right? So, how do you lay the groundwork for progress?

No matter your experience level, there are cornerstones to fitness. Whether you’re looking to train fora 5K or you’re simply trying to take charge of your weight and health with more physical activity, identifying these basic building blocks can set you up for long-term success!

Key Tips for Maximizing Exercise

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering “What am I missing?”during your workouts, it may be time to return to the drawing board! This essential checklist can help you make the most out exercise and improve your fitness journey.

  • Know Your Long-term Goal – Are you trying to lose weight or maintain it? Build muscle and tone your body? Prepare for an important physical event, such as a long hike or a big marathon? Identifying your long-term goals (also referred to as SMART goals) will guide you in achieving your smaller ones.
  • Know Your Immediate Goal – Perhaps you want to lengthen your workout, incorporate greater resistance into your routine or learn a new exercise. With this goal in mind, you can carefully plan your workout to ensure you’re accomplishing what you set out to do.
  • Dress for Success – Make sure you’re comfortable! Flexible, durable workout clothes are essential for the movement your body will experience during exercise — and don’t forget about appropriate shoes. Also, accessories such as hair ties or sweat bands may increase your comfort level.
  • Bring Some Motivation – For most, this is a playlist of feel-good, energetic music. For others, this could be a workout partner, personal trainer or strong motivational quote.
  • Select the Right Equipment – Do you work out with arm weights, gym equipment, resistance bands or other useful items? Make sure your equipment matches your specific fitness goals. If your goal is build upper body strength, for example, make sure your equipment isn’t too heavy or light.
  •  Use a Tracking Method – Track your workouts using a time clock, heart rate monitor, pedometer or other specific piece of fitness technology. This will help you calculate your workout to make sure you’re always hitting your pre-planned goals.
  • Log Your Exercise – A workout log or fitness journal helps you keep track of your progress and identify areas that may or may not need improvement.
  • Time it Right – Working out at the same time every day, whenever possible, is a good way to ensure you’re staying consistent with exercise. When you set a routine, fitness becomes less of a chore and more of a habit!
  • Water and Hydration – Always have plenty of water on hand to stay hydrated before, during and after exercise. This is critical for your overall safety, but it also keeps your energy levels up.

Do YOU have any key tips to add to our workout checklist? What helps you get in the zone, make progress and achieve your goals? Help someone else on their fitness journey by dropping your suggestions in the comments below!

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