Practice Yoga and RELAX into Weight Management!

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Yoga has been practiced by millions of people for thousands of years. The term itself is actually derived from the Sanskrit name which means “to join or yoke together.” It’s a powerful exercise that provides astounding physical and mental health benefits!

What Exactly IS Yoga?

Many people who aren’t familiar with the art and practice of yoga might define it as the “pretzel twisting” exercise. It’s often misunderstood because people do not recognize its rich history and the benefits it has on the body.

While once traditionally an Eastern discipline, Yoga is now widely practiced in Western culture. To some, it’s an exercise that provides astounding physical health benefits – specifically with muscle toning and strength-building. Some, however, use Yoga to deepen their spirituality, cultivate awareness, be more mindful of their body/surroundings and simply relax.

At its core, Yoga is a physical and mental discipline which includes breathing control, simple mediation and the adoption of specific bodily postures. When done strategically and for a prolonged period of time, Yoga can also help with weight management!

What Health Benefits Does Yoga Offer?

We’ve talked about this a little bit already, but Yoga offers a very diverse range of physical and mental health benefits. We can’t fit all of them into this blog post, but here are some of the most popular ones that relate to weight management:

  • Relaxation and stress relief
  • Weight-loss and weight maintenance
  • Defined muscle tone
  • Improved brain function and memory retention
  • Better blood pressure and cardiovascular health
  • More balance and sustainable energy
  • Improved and restful sleep
  • Improved immune system
  • And that’s not even HALF of it!

How Can I Get Started with Yoga?

So many people think that to practice Yoga, you have to be a specific size – but that’s not the case! Yoga is a discipline for ALL bodies – and anyone can benefit! So if you’re asking yourself, “Where do I start?” the answer is within you. Yes, really!

To begin Yoga, you must first open yourself up to an experience you’re probably not used to. Then, start with a simple set of guided movements that will help stretch your body and gradually improve your flexibility. You may want to do this while watching a specific tape or YouTube video, or you can even take a class at your local gym or recreational center.

But beyond practicing a set of physical movements, use this starting point as an opportunity to focus on you and your body. Observe your breath and practice “stillness” within your mind. Try to release your thoughts and be patients while you do it!

Want More Information about Yoga for Weight Management?

This is a beautiful and dynamic exercise that offers so many great benefits. Don’t let your knowledge stop here! To learn more about Yoga for weight management, please CLICK HERE.


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