Resources for Healthcare Professionals

The Your Weight Matters Campaign is targeted at individuals affected by excess weight and obesity, but we know how important it is for healthcare professionals to be actively involved in the conversation about weight and health.

Below are some resources provided by the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) and the OAC’s partner organizations to help you get started:

YWM-Poster-Final-768x1024Your Weight Matters Campaign Poster

The Your Weight Matters Campaign Poster poses the question of “Is your weight impacting your health?” to patients, features a body mass index (BMI) chart and most importantly encourages individuals to take the Your Weight Matters Campaign challenge and have the conversation of weight with their healthcare provider.



Join the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC)

member_buttonThe OAC was formed to unify the voice of the individual affected by obesity. Before the OAC’s existence, there was not an organization that brought together individuals with obesity and/or concerned with the cause, despite the fact that obesity is one of the fastest growing epidemics of our time.

Today, the OAC is proud to stand as the nation’s leading National non-profit organization, with a growing membership of more than 50,000, whose sole focus is to help individuals with obesity through education, advocacy and support.

The OAC’s membership is comprised of a diverse group of individuals and organizations who share a common goal to effect change when it comes to obesity. Whether it’s working to improve access to obesity treatments, getting the needed education about obesity out to those who need it or working to eliminate weight bias and discrimination, OAC members are passionate advocates for the cause and for the 93 million individuals affected.



The Obesity Society’s “I Treat Obesity Seriously” Pledge

With two out of three adults in the United States affected by obesity or overweight, The Obesity Society (TOS) is asking that obesity be treated as a serious health condition, like heart disease and cancer, to bring us closer to combating the epidemic.

The new campaign by TOS, called Treat Obesity Seriously, encourages a shift in the way many Americans look at the disease. The effort is aimed at educating policymakers about obesity as a serious condition and giving clinicians the tools to diagnose and treat obesity.

TOS is looking to policymakers to improve access for obesity treatment so those affected can get the same necessary medical care and treatment coverage that’s available to all others who suffer from other chronic diseases. In addition, through the campaign, TOS is offering free tools, available by mail, to support clinicians in navigating often difficult conversations with patients about weight, including:

  • BMI prescription pad: Clinicians can record and share information with patients about BMI and waist circumference, two of the primary measures of obesity. The pad also includes information about obesity-related risks and provides links to find out more information about the disease.
  • Physician office poster, “Obesity is a serious disease”: As they wait to see the doctor, patients can learn more about obesity, such as related health conditions and the significant impact moderate weight loss, as little as 5 percent, can have on these conditions.
  • BMI wheel calculator: Technology is not necessary to determine BMI. This simple, circular paper tool allows for a quick calculation of BMI by matching height and weight.

Visit for more information and to sign-up to receive the free tools.

weightbiasinhcOther Resources Provided by the OAC:

Weight Bias in Healthcare – A Guide for Healthcare Providers Working with Individuals Affected by Obesity