Resources for Healthcare Professionals

The Your Weight Matters Campaign is targeted at individuals affected by excess weight and obesity, but we know how important it is for healthcare professionals to be actively involved in the conversation about weight and health.

Below are some resources provided by the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) and the OAC’s partner organizations to help you get started:

Your Weight Matters Campaign Poster

The Your Weight Matters Campaign Poster poses the question of “Is your weight impacting your health?” to patients, features a body mass index (BMI) chart and most importantly encourages individuals to take the Your Weight Matters Campaign challenge and have the conversation of weight with their healthcare provider.


Your Weight Matters poster


Join the OAC Community

The Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) is dedicated to helping people along their journey toward better health. As a result, we created the OAC Community, a space where you can learn more about your weight and health, connect and engage with others who understand you!

Our Community is designed to provide quality education, ongoing support programs, an opportunity to connect, and a place to take action on important issues. Through the OAC Community, you can get access to unlimited FREE educational resources that you can use to learn more about your weight and health, apply in your health journey, share with your loved ones, patients or even healthcare providers! All of these resources are high quality and science-based information that are here to support you through your journey with weight! Some of these resources include:

  • Resource Article Library, which houses more than 400 articles relating to weight and health
  • Brochures, guides and fact sheets on weight and health topics (some pieces are also available in Spanish)
  • Health and Wellness Corner with tools, tips and resources on how to make a difference in your own health journey
  • Advocacy resources on how to become your own advocate
  • Community Discussion Forum, a space to learn, discuss topics and connect with others