The Benefits of Keeping Your Kids Active through Team Sports

Are you ready to be a soccer mom? There are so many ways to keep your kids moving. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends 60 minutes of moderate or vigorous activity each day for kids ages 6-17 years old.

There are lots of ways to meet this goal. Walks in the park, afternoon swims, and yard games are all great ways to move more and squeeze in physical activity. Another great way to increase activity is through team sports. There are so many options — basketball, soccer, or baseball, just to name a few. Let’s explore some of their numerous benefits.

Benefits of Team Sports

  • Sports Build Confidence – Team sports can be the ultimate confidence booster. The feeling you get when you hit the ball out of the park or take the soccer ball down the field is unbeatable.
  • Hard Work Pays off – Sports take time and commitment. Hours of practice hitting a baseball or nights spent shooting endless hoops in basketball can pay off during the big game. Kids quickly learn they must work hard towards a goal.
  • Life isn’t Fair – Sports are tough. Kids quickly learn they have to work through challenges and undesirable moments. For example, a bad call by a referee isn’t fair, but there isn’t anything you can do but move on. Other factors such as playing time or playing the position you want may not go the way your child would like. Learning how to adapt and work through life’s challenges is important.
  • Teamwork Works – Life is about teamwork and sports are as well. Sports teams are often the first lesson in this area. A football team needs each player to work hard for the team to be successful. If one person doesn’t pull their weight, the whole team can suffer. A great team is unbeatable.
  • New Skills – Sports can be a challenge. It’s easy to sit back and avoid trying. Picking up a soccer ball and heading to practice can be scary. After meeting challenges and learning new skills early in their sports careers, adding skills later in life may come easier.
  • Social Benefits – Joining a team of new teammates can be intimidating, but meeting new people is something we all do every day. It can become easier to mix with others after having plenty of social interactions at an early age.
  • Active Lifestyle —Those who play sports have active lifestyles. They move more, improve their cardiovascular health, and build strength. When this is started at an early age, it’s easier to maintain in adulthood. It just becomes part of life.
  • It’s Enjoyable – Sports are fun! They help you get active without even thinking of it. An afternoon of basketball may not even seem like exercise.
  • It’s Not a Huge Commitment — One season of a team sport isn’t a big commitment. Your family may decide they like it, and if they don’t, it’s easy to move to something else.

Encourage your child to give team sports a try and see if it’s something they enjoy. With all the options for sports out there, they are sure to find something that sticks!

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