Overcoming the Fear of Addressing Weight with Your Doctor

Overcoming the Fear of Addressing Weight and Health with Your Doctor

Fear of addressing our weight and health isn’t something that’s talked about all too often. In fact, it’s a topic that many of us find extremely sensitive – to the point that we often neglect routine health care that is essential to our overall health and well-being.

Your Fears Are Completely Normal.

There are many reasons for being afraid of routine medical care and regular appointments with your doctor. Perhaps you’ve struggled to address your weight and health with your own self first, or you’re concerned that a trusted health professional will pass judgement.

Perhaps you’re afraid of getting news you don’t want to hear, or the mere idea of a doctor’s office gives you anxiety. This is very common, and you shouldn’t feel embarrassed of your fears. What’s important is overcoming them!

Overcoming Fear and Seeking Improved Health

Although it’s normal to experience anxiety about visiting the doctor, it’s important that those feelings don’t get in the way of your decision to take charge of your weight and health alongside a health professional.

If you struggle in this area, remember this:

  • Better health depends on every step you take.
  • A trusted health professional can guide you in the right direction with advice, resources and information.
  • Routine care prevents serious health conditions you won’t want to overlook.
  • If your current doctor or health professional makes you uncomfortable, find another one!

Your journey with weight and health is just that – a journey! You don’t have to take every step all at once. What matters most is your decision to move forward and find your healthiest self!

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