Eating In? Equip Your Kitchen for Better Health

Kitchen Better Health

If creating a healthier nutrition plan is a part of your weight management goals, you likely know that eating in is a great way to save on money and stay on track.

While restaurants offer diverse varieties of food, added convenience and a fun atmosphere, there are many reasons for why eating at home during most of your meals may be more beneficial to your health. From selecting your own healthy ingredients to controlling portions and eliminating distractions, eating-in can be a great way to develop healthy nutrition habits that will carry you all the way to your goals!

Your Kitchen: A Powerful Nutrition Tool

If your kitchen is stocked with not-so-healthy ingredients, however, or it’s lacking a few organizational strategies, eating-in can seem like a great inconvenience. These tips can help you create a kitchen that will lay the foundation for better health:

Stock-up on the Right Ingredients

  • Load your refrigerator and pantry with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, low-fat dairy items, spices and seasonings
  • Limit heavy desserts and carbs for eating in moderation
  • For more on stocking your kitchen with essential ingredients, CLICK HERE.

Organize Your Kitchen

  • Throw out expired foods, empty containers and items you no longer wish to keep
  • Organize food items by groups (i.e. produce in one area, whole grains in another)
  • Make healthy food visible (i.e. bring them to the front and set produce on the counter)
  • Keep dishes, utensils and equipment washed and readily available
  • Try to reduce clutter so you’re more encouraged to use the kitchen

Invest in Helpful Kitchen Assets

  • Be sure to have a full pot and pan set
  • Consider investing in equipment such as blenders, spiralizers and food processors
  • Stock-up on accessories such as cleaning products, complete dishware and long-lasting utensils
  • Invest in kitchen organizers such as a drying rack, spice shelf and utensil holder

Good nutrition starts right in your very own home, so don’t be afraid to devote time and energy into it. You might even notice that friends and family want to skip the restaurant and eat at YOUR place!

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