5 Fitness Apps to Dominate Your Exercise Routine

Fitness Apps Dominate Technology

Getting up, getting out and getting active – you’ve probably been told at one time or another that phone technology distracts from a healthy lifestyle. Staring at our screens for prolonged periods of time, or using our smartphones to scroll through our news feeds and “swipe right” on the latest article or game, don’t necessarily require a workout other than the ones our eyes and thumbs are getting.

But have you considered using phone technology to strive toward your goals for weight and health?

You should! Fitness apps available on your smartphone can help you get out of your fitness “rut” and re-energize your commitment to exercise. By using them to plan your routine, get organized and stay accountable, your goals for weight and health might be a lot closer than you think!

5 Fitness Apps to Get Your Head in the Game

Yonder (Free)

Who says you need the gym for a powerful workout? If you’re into exploration and adventure, this app is for you. Yonder helps you find and share outdoor destinations that are perfect for all kinds of exercise. Are you into hiking, backpacking, skiing, swimming or biking? Choose what you want to do and discover what kinds of options are local to you. You can even read what other Yonder users have to say about that destination!

Cardio Trainer (Free) 

Looking to get your cardio on? This app has plenty of features that can help fuel your cardio workout. Use the built-in pedometer to track your steps and the GPS to record how far you travel. You can even customize your workout log with fun features such as autopause (great for red lights and water breaks) and built in audio for hearing your progress and listening to music. If you have a competitive nature, you can even use Cardio Trainer to compare your workouts with other users!

FIT Radio (Free with available in-app purchases)

Struggling to work up the motivation to get moving? Perhaps some customized music can get you there. Use FIT Radio to find music that can help you maintain a consistent beat throughout your exercise routine. If you use the app for free, you may pick from one genre and a few different mixes. Pay an extra $3.99, however, and you can choose from a larger variety of music with the ability to skip songs.

Zombies, RUN! (Free)

Are you ready to run? You’ll certainly get a good cardio workout with this app. Plug in your headphones and hear zombies chasing after you. In order to escape, you’ll have to run! The app gives you directions for fleeing from the Zombies, and you can choose from over 30 different missions and stories for a unique experience every time you run.

JEFIT (Free)

In the words of Jefit, say goodbye to your pen and paper. This dynamic workout tracker helps you stay on track, live healthier and stay motivated with your fitness goals. The app features an extensive exercise database with over 1300 exercises for you to try, and it even allows you to create personalized routines of your own. After your workout, analyze your progress to maximize results! Jefit strives to be your own personal trainer on your weight management journey.

So, don’t be so quick to ward off technology for managing your weight and health! There are plenty of online resources and apps to help inspire you, help you stay organized and equip you with useful tools for achieving your goals. Go ahead and explore what’s out there!

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