Better Together: Healthy Habits for the Whole Family

Better Together: Healthy Habits for the Whole Family

Our families are important to us, and one of the best gifts we can give them is the gift of health. Families who work together as a team to find, maintain and enjoy the benefits of good health have the unique opportunity to support and uplift one another along the way. And, when you invest energy into laying a foundation for building healthier habits, you’re also investing in everyone’s future!

No matter your goals, every family can reap the advantages of growing healthier together. Here are just a few of the ways you can work as a team, strengthen your family ties and maximize your health – all while building habits that will carry you far in the long-run.

A Team Approach for Family-Centered Healthy Habits

A family game plan can help you build positive lifestyles that will bring you closer together while improving your bodies (mentally and physically)!

  • Set Goals as a Team – Have your family set aside some time to sit down, relax and brainstorm changes you’d like to make together. It’s important to know what concerns and challenges each person faces so that when you you set goals as a team, everyone is represented. For more on healthy goal setting, CLICK HERE.
  • Start Early – If you have young children, now is the best time to establish healthy habits such as nutritious eating and adequate exercise. By starting early, you’re laying the groundwork for a healthier road ahead.
  • Participate in a Physical Family Activity – After identifying what each person likes, try finding a group activity that will get everyone outside and moving! Maybe it’s hiking, playing a team sport or riding your bikes together. Perhaps your family enjoys walking after dinner or even planting a garden together. Get creative and consider all of the options available to you!
  • Create a Group Recipe Book – Almost all families differ at least somewhat in their eating habits and styles. It’s normal! However, try grouping everyone together to discuss healthy meals and snacks that will be enjoyed by everyone, and jot them down in a family recipe book.
  • Unplug – Put your phones away, hop off the computer, take the headphones out and park your cars. Getting rid of distractions for periods of time, and using that time to focus on each other, can bring you together and inspire healthier habits that everyone can participate in.
  • Be a Model – If you’re family’s not yet on the bandwagon for building healthier habits, be the example! By seeing someone else make positive changes to their life, we’re often inspired and motivated to do the same.
  • Identify and Establish a Family Physician – It’s not all just about healthy eating and physical activity. Regular visits to see your doctor and assess your health are important, and it’s a habit that many adults and families are lacking today. For tips on finding a doctor that’s right for your family, CLICK HERE. 
  • Retire those Late Nights – It’s important to establish healthy rhythms for your sleeping patterns, and we typically don’t get enough sleep as it is! Although it may be tempting to stay up and finish that movie or television show together, you will all benefit more from getting extra shut-eye.

Your family doesn’t have to make sweeping changes in order to build a healthier lifestyle. Small, simple steps you take together can get you a long way! By spending time together, supporting each other and encouraging one another, you’re already well on your way to a healthier you – and a healthier family!

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