2017 Resolutions Check: Where Are You Now?

2017 Resolutions Checklist

It may be hard to believe, but with July in full swing, we’re halfway through 2017! If you’re like many, however, you’re wondering where the year has gone. As winter months faded into warmer spring weather and summer sunshine, how are you really doing on those New Year resolutions you set out to accomplish back in January?

For some, New Year resolutions dissolve a few weeks after they were made. For others, however, those resolutions become year-long (and even life-long) journeys to a new and improved way of living. The journey with weight and health is no different!

Assessing Your 2017 Resolutions

If you made the decision to take charge of your weight and health for the new year, here are a few things to keep in mind when reflecting back on your initial resolutions:

  • What Signs of Physical Progress Are You Seeing? Consider any weight you have lost, the way your clothes fit, and how your body feels overall. Assess your energy levels as well as your vitals – including cholesterol, blood pressure and other diagnostics provided to you by your doctor.
  • How Do You Feel Mentally? The journey with weight and health is a mental one as well. How do feel about yourself as a whole? Do you feel more energized, happy and confident? Or, do you feel frustrated, stressed and irritable? Identifying these emotions is important.
  • Have You Busted Any Habits? Bad habits dissolve good intentions very quickly. Common habits many people try breaking as the New Year begins include poor diets, lack of exercise, lack of self-care and poor time management.
  • Have You Tried Something New? New recipes, activities and life changes are great for keeping you motivated and on track. Have you ventured out to try new and healthy foods? What about a physical activity you’ve been wanting to try such as hiking, rock climbing or a group sport?
  • Are You Moving Toward the Future? Having clearly defined goals is essential to the weight and health journey. If you’ve lost sight of what you set out to achieve, it may be time to stop and re-evaluate what you want for your weight and health.

Ready to Re-evaluate Your Resolutions?

Take a glimpse back at the Your Weight Matters Blog from January to see what you can improve upon!

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