New Year, New You: Fitness Spotlight

2017 Fitness Routine

2017 has finally arrived, and for many people, a new year means new goals for weight and health — especially after all the fun from the holidays. Now that the holiday season has passed, a new year brings the opportunity to refresh your body, re-examine your priorities and get started on laying the foundation for a healthy year ahead. And, you guessed it — that includes fitness!

Fitness is a crucial part of the weight-loss journey. It not only helps you burn calories and gain muscle, but it helps to release endorphins and maintain a healthy, happy mentality as you go about achieving your goals. Still feeling a bit lethargic and unmotivated after the holiday season? Don’t worry — we’re here to offer some practical, healthy tips for rebuilding your fitness routine and beginning the year off right.

Rebuild Your Fitness Routine and Kick Off the New Year!

Use these tips to get inspired and step foot in the right direction!

  • Ear phonesCreate a Brand New Workout Music Playlist – New year, new music! Build a brand new workout music playlist for 2017 that is packed full of motivating, energetic and feel-good music. Some fresh tunes may motivate you to get out and get active, especially if you’ve gotten off track and away from your exercise routine during the previous year. For some example songs we’ve compiled for December’s Workout Music Playlist, please CLICK HERE. 
  • Write it Down – Take a moment to write down your fitness-related goals for the new year. What do you want to achieve? Perhaps you want to increase your cardio workouts or get stronger by building muscle. Record your goals and then devise a practical fitness plan/agenda that will help you get there.
  • running shoes outdoor activitiesInvest in Some New Attire – If you have the means to do so after the holidays, consider investing in some new workout clothes such as elastic pants and shorts, comfortable shirts and durable tennis shoes. The new attire may motivate you to get up and get moving, and it’s always nice to treat yourself to new beginnings!
  • Join a Gym – If being around others with similar goals helps you to stay on track, consider joining the gym. Many gyms offer special after-holiday sales on new memberships, and it’s a great way to burn some of the extra calories you may have consumed during the holiday season.
  • Find an Accountability Partner/Group – Sharing your thoughts, goals and activities with others is a great arrowway to stay inspired and focused on the work that lies ahead. Be it a friend, a spouse or a family member, the support of someone close to you can help you keep your eye on the prize.
  • Leave it All Behind – With the holiday season officially over, 2016 is behind us. Use this opportunity to leave all of your discouraging emotions and thoughts at the door! Pay no attention to what you might not have been able to accomplish previously — look only at what’s ahead of you.

The your Weight Matters Campaign wishes you success as you begin the New Year! Happy moving!

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