Common Misconceptions about Exercise

Dispelling myths easy weight loss

Just like a solid nutrition plan, exercise is a key player in your weight management journey. Incorporating an adequate amount of physical activity into your daily routine will help you feel better physically, mentally and even emotionally!

On the other hand, identifying and maintaining a successful workout routine can pose quite the challenge. Many individuals wade through exercise after exercise before discovering the way that physical activity works for (and sometimes against) their unique body.

Oftentimes, this “gray” period may compel you to invest in a variety of exercise “myths” that promise quick results, desired outcomes and minimal effort. Very similar to “miracle diets,” however, exercise myths can prevent you from reaping the true benefits of consistent physical activity.

8 Common Misconceptions about Exercise to Watch Out for:

Do any of these popular exercise myths sound familiar?

Warm-ups Aren’t Necessary

Working your muscles and exposing them to physical strain without proper protection can lead to soreness and injury. Before beginning your workout, be sure to complete a dynamic stretching routine and gradually move into the type(s) of exercise you will be doing.

You Can’t Go Too Heavy or Too Light 

If you lift more weight than your muscles can control, you can cause injury and overcompensate with poor form. Conversely, using weights that are too light may not challenge your muscles and induce any kind of change.

The RIGHT Exercises Produce Results Instantly

Fitness is a journey that you walk through gradually, allowing your body to react and adjust over time as you grow stronger and healthier. While mental and emotional benefits may be observed quickly, physical changes can take a while to see.

Spot Training Produces Results Where You Want Them

The idea of spot training refers to working out specific areas of your body in order to improve them. While you can certainly tone specific muscles, fat-loss in any area depends on total-body exercise and a balanced diet that supports your weight management goals. For more information about spot training, please CLICK HERE

One Type of Exercise is Enough

While 30 minutes of leisurely walking a day may be a great start to a comprehensive exercise program, adding variety and challenge to your routine will help you reach your overall health goals. For best results, try a combination of aerobic, anaerobic and resistance training.

You Can Out-exercise a Poor Diet

No matter how much you exercise, you cannot compensate for poor nutrition. Even more so, many people overestimate the number of calories they burn in a workout and therefore consume a significantly higher amount. To truly manage your weight and health, healthy nutrition habits are essential.

Remember: few things in life come easily, and this is also true for your weight and health! If done properly, exercise is a powerful tool for your weight management journey that can take your health to the next level.

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