New Year, New You: Mental Health Spotlight

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This week on the Your Weight Matters Blog, we’ve celebrated the New Year by giving you tips for rebuilding a successful fitness routine and creating a healthy nutrition plan. However, achieving your weight and health goals involves a lot more than just getting more exercise and eating the right foods. We’re missing a valuable component… your mental health!

Mental health plays an extremely important role on the journey with weight because success starts with YOU! Your mentality ultimately shapes each of your actions that in turn affect the decisions you make with food, fitness, etc. So, how exactly do you train your brain to set your body up for success? We offer some tips below.

Mental Health and Your Body: Lay the Groundwork for Success

To create a healthy mind for a healthier lifestyle, consider these suggestions:

  • Find Your Motivation – It’s easier to move closer to your goals if you have a driving factor inspiring your success. Find what motivates you and makes you eager to wake up and be productive. Then, you’ll have purpose behind your goals.
  • Seek Out the Company of Others – Humans are social creatures, so it makes sense that finding support and encouragement in others can help us along the weight-loss journey. When you’re feeling down or discouraged, the company of a friend or family member can lift you up and remind you of your strength, goals, commitments, etc.
  • Keep a Journal – A journal can help you release emotions that have built up, and it’s an excellent way for tracking how far you’ve come — both physically and mentally!
  • Reward Yourself in Healthy Ways – When you’ve met specific goals (both big and small!), don’t be afraid to reward yourself. Instead of food, try other rewards such as time out with friends, a nice date, a massage, some new clothes, or anything that will help keep you refreshed.
  • Find Healthy Outlets – When you’re having a rough day and you need to blow off some steam, healthy outlets can help you feel a lot better. Examples include fun exercise, time with nature, a hobby you enjoy, time with friends and family or even a rejuvenating nap.
  • Get Your Sleep – Finally, make sure you’re getting enough sleep! Sleep restores your body, gives you energy and increases focus. It’s no wonder it’s so beneficial to your journey with weight and health! For more information about the connection between weight, health and sleep, please CLICK HERE.

As you embark on a brand new year, the Your Weight Matters Campaign wishes you abundant health and happiness! Use this time to reflect on your goals and develop a strategy for achieving them with the help of our “New Year, New You” blog series. Happy New year!

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