Utilize Your Home to Help You Manage Your Weight!

Utilize Your Home

Your home is a sacred place. It’s where you enjoy time with family, relax after a long day and create some of your favorite memories. But have you ever thought of your home as an integral part of your weight management journey?

Just for a moment, think beyond the gym, the doctor’s office and the grocery store. These are common places that are often associated with weight and health — but generally speaking, you likely don’t spend the majority of your time there. When the work day is over, where are you usually headed? Where do you spend time on the weekends? You guessed it… home.

The Home as an Essential Weight Management Tool

Healthy behaviors start where you’ve laid your foundation. In most cases, this is your home. Whether you live alone or alongside loved ones, this is usually the focal point of your life. It makes sense that it’s also crucial to managing your weight and health!

From crafting new recipes to getting a good night’s rest, the way you utilize your home also matters. Here are few key ways to  set yourself up for weight management success:

Give Your Kitchen a Makeover

Re-arrange your appliances so they’re in sight. Throw away your expired foods or those which don’t support your weight management goals. Bring all healthy foods to the front of your pantry and refrigerator, and keep plenty of produce on the counter for you to grab on-the-go.

If your kitchen doesn’t motivate you to cook-up healthy and nutritious food, consider giving it a tune-up! Make this a place that inspires you. Want more information about equipping your kitchen for better health? CLICK HERE for additional tips.

Hide or Disguise Unhelpful Distractions

Does the television, video game system or snack pantry keep you distracted? Consider re-arranging these items/places in your home.

Perhaps the television(s) can be kept in the bedroom, or the video game system put away gently in a place where you can bring it out as needed. Give your pantry a “curfew.” Whatever distracts you, find a way to silence it!

Make Your Room a Peaceful Place

Sleep is critical to your weight and health goals, and the average person needs 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Having trouble getting to bed? Turn on some relaxing sleep sounds, keep the room dark and adjust the thermostat to your sleeping preference.

Remember – having a consistent “bedtime” and wake-up time is equally important. Allow yourself to feel the effects of a full night’s rest!

Create a Space for Exercise

Find an open room in your house and make this a place where you can squeeze in some at-home workouts. Maybe it’s yoga, jumping jacks or strength training exercises. Maybe you even have room for a treadmill or elliptical machine. Decide what’s right for that space, and plan accordingly!

Make it a Stress-free Zone

We get it – this isn’t always possible. But making your home a place where you feel relaxed, safe and comfortable is important to managing stress. Stress can significantly impact our weight and overall health, so take special precaution as to what stressors enter and exit your sacred place.

Home is where the heart is… and where your weight and health journey begins!

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