Bored with Exercise? Mix Up Your Workouts with New Activities

Mix up your workouts

Are you tired of doing the same types of workouts day in and day out? Diversifying your fitness plan can help reduce boredom and keep things interesting. Alternating physical activity also work different muscle groups and offers more health benefits.

Fitness Ideas to Mix Up Your Workouts

Here are some ideas to try something new and add variety into your physical activity.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Forget the slow walk in the park. HIIT workouts are no joke! These shorter workouts are packed with intensity. They combine high-intensity movement with short periods of rest and recovery. HIIT includes upper body, lower body, core and cardio activity. It’s perfect for doing at home on your own time, and there are many online resources to help you get started.


Instead of a normal bike ride, consider a spin class or indoor cycling. This high-intensity class is led by an instructor who combines cardio and strength activities to challenge you to the next level. It usually involves cycling to fast-paced, energetic music while adding additional movements that work different parts of your body.


Who doesn’t love to dance? It can be hard to believe that as fun as dancing is, it’s still exercise. This Latin-inspired dance is a quick, fun cardio workout that anyone can modify to fit their abilities. Go at your own pace and enjoy yourself. Look for a Zumba class offered at a gym or nearby facility or browse the internet for video classes led by instructors.

Boot Camp

Boot camp is just what is sounds like. For those looking for a challenge, this military-style cardio and strength workout can be tough. Like any workout, however, you can make modifications. Most boot camp exercises use your body weight and focus on speed. They use calisthenics to work on whole-body training to get you in shape in no time.


Pilates is a mind-body exercise that is often compared to yoga. It focuses on flexibility, strength and endurance. When doing Pilates, it’s important to focus on your breathing, your core, and your balance. In a studio, you might use a reformer, but many at home practice on a mat.

Cross Fit

Cross Fit is a very popular workout. It focuses on movements you need in your daily life such as pushing, pulling and squatting. Different exercises are performed at specific time intervals. Cross Fit can be for anyone, regardless of their fitness level, because modifications are easily made. Some workouts go faster than others but all can participate.


Grab your gloves and head to the nearest boxing gym or work from home out of your garage. This high-intensity activity can increase your strength and endurance while reducing stress as an outlet for expression. It’s a fun way to get in shape!

Water Aerobics

Water fitness is a great exercise that reduces stress on your body and joints. Aerobics in the water will increase your endurance and improve your fitness without the physical stress often associated with other workouts. Join a class at your local pool or try some moves on your own.


Barre classes are inspired by yoga and Pilates. This low-impact workout focuses on small movements to increase strength. It’s a great toning exercise.


PiYo is a mix of two favorites: Pilates and yoga. This low-impact workout focuses on strength and sculpting but has a little more cardio involved than yoga. If you’re looking for something with a nice mix, this is a great activity to try.


If you’re getting bored with exercise and having trouble staying active consistently, give some of the ideas above a chance to mix up your workouts. The key is to have fun while trying something new. If you struggle at first, keep going and embrace the journey!

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