Fighting-off Fatigue: Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy


Fatigue is a common complaint reported by millions of Americans. Nobody wants to feel tired, sluggish and lethargic, especially when we have so much that needs to be accomplished!

If you’re on the weight management journey, fighting fatigue may be even more of a challenge. Adjusting your diet, workouts, medications and daily habits can throw your entire routine out of whack – making the struggle to maintain or lose weight seem impossible.

How Fatigue Affects Weight Management

Have you ever felt so run-down and exhausted that you’ve struggled to get out of bed and start your day? Maybe you lost focus throughout the day, or avoided movement that required too much energy. How do you feel afterwards? Probably far from how you want to feel!

Managing our weight requires a comprehensive approach – everything ranging from behavioral changes to psychological changes and biological ones (like medicine, for example). When you’re tired, weight management is complicated. You may lack the energy to exercise, go grocery shopping for healthy foods or even stay awake! Fatigue may prevent you from living a normal life and accomplishing your day-to-day activities which affect your physical and emotional health.

Natural Ways to Boost Energy

Is fatigue keeping you from reaching your weight management goals? There are a number of ways you can try to gain more energy naturally – without medications, shots and energy drinks!

  • Get Moving – Even the smallest bouts of energy can help!
  • Drink Water – Dehydration zaps energy and impairs physical performance
  • Try Meditative Exercise – Yoga and Tai chi are excellent examples
  • Eat Lean and Clean – Healthy, nutritious foods offer natural energy for the body to burn
  • Sleep More – Go to bed earlier, wake up later and find ways to improve sleep quality
  • Manage Mental Health – Stress, depression and anxiety are all energy-depleting
  • Try supplements – You may be lacking vitamins such as B12, for example

A Healthcare Provider Can Shed Some Insight…

If you’ve tried to beat fatigue naturally but haven’t found much success, you may want to see a healthcare provider for further insight. He or she may run your labs and find a biological factor you may have missed.

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