Plant a Spring Garden for Healthy Family Fun this Season!

family spring garden

A spring garden is the perfect way to celebrate health and new beginnings. Nature’s bounty is in full bloom, and the sun’s rays are just itching to make things grow!

If you are looking for fresh, new and exciting ways to manage your weight, a spring garden can help with that, too. It’s also a great way to get the whole family involved and working toward a common goal. PLUS – a green thumb isn’t required!

The Benefits of Building Your Own Garden

It can be difficult to identify where our food comes from. Much of the standard Western diet is filled with processed foods and ingredients we can’t recognize or pronounce. When we opt for produce, we often stick to canned or frozen goods that don’t provide the same great taste as local produce. That’s why homemade gardens are so unique!

However, personal gardens offer so many additional benefits, including:

  • Money saved at the grocery store
  • Reduced amount of pesticides
  • Increased physical activity
  • Fruits and vegetables that are higher in nutrients
  • A greater likelihood of eating more produce
  • A greater appreciation for nature

Tips for Creating Your Own Family Garden

The idea of planting your own garden can seem daunting, but all it requires is a little thought and strategy! Work through the steps listed below to begin creating your natural masterpiece:

Survey Your Space

Do you have room for a garden in your back yard, or are you limited to a container garden on a porch or patio? Remember – you can plant a garden anywhere. You just have to know what space you’re working with!

Decide What’s in Season

You can alternate what’s in your garden each season, but for now, focus on spring! Some great examples include spinach, radishes, asparagus, peas, strawberries, apricots, lemons, kiwis, kale, new potatoes and carrots.

Choose Your Plants

This is entirely up to you! Choose fruits and veggies that work well in your climate and in your own personal space. Make sure you choose produce that your whole family will enjoy!

Gather All Your Necessary Materials

This may include fertilizer, garden soil, shovels, trowels, work gloves, bug spray and possibly even lumber (depending on the container for your garden).

Gather Your Family for a Day of Planting

Make a morning or afternoon out of gathering your family together to plant. Let each family member choose a specific plant or section of the garden to work with.

Want More Information about Planting a Spring Garden?

For additional ideas, tips, tools and resources, visit the full article from Your Weight Matters Magazine by CLICKING HERE.

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