Our Favorite Finds: September 2016


Navigating your way through the journey with weight and health is a lot easier to manage when you have plenty of resources by your side. Along the way, it’s helpful to have the right education, the right encouragement and even the right advice to keep you focused and motivated to continue reaching your weight-loss goals! The Your Weight Matters Campaign strives to provide you with that kind of assistance, and it’s our mission to supply you with reliable, evidence-based information to guide your journey!

So, once again, we’ve scouted a variety of blogs, articles, magazines and more for helpful resources that can guide you along the way. Check out our fresh and exciting finds from September 2016!

The Many Benefits of Training with a Plan (MyFitnessPal)

Having a specific, reachable goal is integral to any weight-loss plan. It gives you focus, motivation and a reason to continue working so hard. However, selecting a goal to word toward is only the first step! To reach that milestone (whether it’s related to diet, fitness, etc.), you need a training plan. Consider that to be your road map to your next destination!

This helpful article from MyFitnessPal gives you all the benefits from developing and sticking to a training plan. If you’re wondering how you’ll go about reaching your weight-loss aspirations, give this one a read!

8 Diet Myths Debunked (BariatricPal)

When we make health a priority, and focus all of our energy into losing weight, it can be easy and tempting to fall into what BariatricPal calls “diet myths.” These myths feed us misinformation about weight-loss and can often sabotage our well-intended efforts at developing a healthier lifestyle.

In this article, BariatricPal lists eight of the most common diet myths which claim benefits of weight-loss. If you’re on the journey toward improved weight and health, and you’re looking for ways to maximize your progress, check these myths out to assess whether or not you’re falling into the trap!

How to Overcome the Fear of Fitness (WatchFit)

When many people think of beginning a fitness routine, or beginning the journey toward improved health, images of the gym often come to find. Unfortunately, if you’re new to the gym and to working out, these thoughts can be somewhat intimidating or even frightening.

In this article, strength and training coach Joshua Williams shows readers how to overcome their fear of the gym and reaching their fitness goals in such an environment. This supportive, uplifting read is great for anyone who is second-guessing their decision to work out and seek the kind of help that gyms provide – whether it be from personal trainers, exercise classes or simply a community of like-minded people. In short, this article could help you to change your life just by changing your mindset!

Breaking Up is Hard to Do – Your Relationship with Food (Obesityhelp.com)

Oftentimes, food makes up a large part of our lives. If we’re not cautious, it can be more than just a tool to reduce hunger and fuel our bodies with the right nutrients – it can turn into a relationship that is unhealthy and unproductive for our weight-loss goals.

This post by Obesityhelp tackles a very sensitive subject for many. It breaks down food addiction and other unhealthy relationships with food into basic concepts we can identify with. Then, it shows us why such relationships are problematic and what steps we can take to thinking about food in a healthy way. By following some of these tips, you may notice a drastic change in your eating habits, your physical health and your emotional health as well!

Numbers and Nutrition – What’s the Connection? (The Psychology of Eating)

Do you feel like the scale is controlling your life? What about other numbers such as calories, cholesterol levels, BMI, etc? Numbers often make up a significant part of any weight-loss or health plan, and depend on a variety of components such as diet and exercise. If we’re not careful, though, these numbers have the potential to consume our minds and result in frustration or discouragement.

In this podcast (you can also read the full script on the website), Emily Rosen – Director of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating – looks at the benefits and limitations of nutritional data and offers some powerful alternative sources of guidance. If you’re tired of looking at numbers to assess your weight and health goals, this might just be the refreshment that you need!

The Knowledge Everyone Needs to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle (LiveFitLean)

The journey toward improved health is about more than weight-loss – it’s about creating a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle that will keep you feeling your best even after you’ve reached your weight-loss goals.

This comprehensive article tackles a variety of things to keep in mind when striving for that healthy lifestyle. You’ll find information about food, supplements, exercise, getting rid of self-destructive emotions, etc. If you’re just beginning your weight-loss journey, or you feel like you’ve been stalling and can’t exactly figure out what’s missing, give this article a read!

7 Things You Should Do to Rebuild Your Fitness Habits (AnytimeFitness)

Exercise isn’t always easy – we’ve known this for a long time. Everything from poor time management, lack of energy, distractions, illness, etc. can affect our fitness habits and throw us off course if we’re not careful.

When this happens, there’s no need to feel defeated! AnytimeFitness points out seven overlooked methods for rebuilding those habits you might have lost along the way. By taking advice from some of these key points, you may find yourself motivated and on track once again in no time!

Get Moving for the Greater Good: 10 Ideas for Active Volunteer Work (SparkPeople)

If conventional exercise isn’t your thing, you may benefit from some of SparkPeople’s charitable suggestions for incorporating movement and activity into your day.

This article lists 10 unique different ways that you can volunteer for the greater good and stay active at the same time – from walking and playing with pets at your local animal shelter to taking part in a charity run, walk or ride. You may also benefit from this fun read if you’re searching for new and refreshing ways to get some exercise! Either way, you’ll be getting active and making a difference at the same time.

Do YOU Have Any Favorite Finds?

If you’ve come across any helpful articles, inspirational reads, motivational words or useful information from the month of September that are related to weight and health, share them with us in the comments below or email them to [email protected]

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