What’s In Your Weight Management Tool Kit?

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Everyone has a tool kit, right? A tool kit has lots of hammers, nails and screw drivers for every possible situation you may come upon. These toolboxes are a great way to prepare you for any household problem that may arise.

Now, let’s think about weight management. Do you have any special tools you use to manage your weight-loss program or plan? At a recent support group, my own group discussed creating a Weight Management Tool kit. We came up with some great items that fit in their tool kits which may be helpful for your journey with weight and health.

What’s In Your Tool Kit?

Here are just some of the favorites from what my group discussed:

  • Food Journal – Yes – we all hate them, but food journals can truly keep you on track. A cute notebook, a spreadsheet or a phone app can all work great to monitor what you are eating. They can also help you identify the changes you need to make to be successful on your journey.
  • Cookbook – When changing your meal plan, it is important to keep things interesting. Finding new recipes is a great way to do this! This can be a cookbook, a few Web sites for inspiration or a few Pinterest pages to follow. Ideas like substituting spaghetti squash for pasta or adding some chia seeds to your salad can all be great alternatives. For a some exciting new recipes, you can see our most recent cookbook suggestions by CLICKING HERE.
  • Fitness Tracker – There are so many varieties of these. But honestly, many people are very motivated by keeping track of the steps they take. Knowing this number can motivate you to take a few extra steps each day or add in an afternoon walk. If this isn’t for you, find another way to motivate yourself. For example: sign up for a fitness class, meet a walking buddy or play in the park with your kids instead of sitting on a bench.
  • Candle – Why would a candle be in the toolbox? A candle represents time for you to rest, relax and be kind to yourself. Weight-loss is a journey – a journey that isn’t always easy. During the process, do things for you such as taking time to read your favorite book, meeting a friend for coffee or treating yourself to a new scarf. You are worth it!
  • Pictures – They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is so true! Pictures can be motivating and you can use them in many ways. You may have a picture of you at a weight you want to achieve. You may also have a picture of your kids – the reason why you are embarking on your journey. It is important to have a reason why you are working as hard as you are.

Our tool kit had over 20 items inside. There were plates, spoons, water bottles, inspirational quotes, food products, journals, books, support group schedules, protein powder and many more items. Everyone has a different tool kit because everyone’s journey is a little different. Take a minute to decide what’s in yours!

Sarah Muntel, RDAbout the Author:
Sarah Muntel, RD, is the Bariatric Coordinator at Community Bariatric Surgeons in Indianapolis, IN. She has 15 years of experience working with bariatric patients and loves to watch people as they change their lives and improve their health. Her favorite part of her job is her weekly support group. In her free time, Sarah enjoys spending time with her husband and three children. 

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