Don’t Fall for Weight-loss Frauds: What to Watch Out for

Recognize weight-loss frauds before you start them

With a new year in tow, you might be wondering how to tackle any weight-related resolutions on your list of 2019 goals. And the diet industry is well aware.

Truthfully, there are endless products out there that promise quick and easy weight-loss — from green tea superfood supplements to diet trends such as Keto, Whole30, Paleo and more.

Many of these products and services boast of requiring little to no effort or a simple (even magical) formula for weight-loss. But if it sounds too good to be true, that’s probably because it is.

With our starry-eyed outlooks for the new year, these plans and products may seem attractive. And while it would be wonderful if one quick treatment could help you lose weight and boost your health, no such thing has been found. However, tons of plans out there promise these results — but as a smart consumer, you should be critical and have your guard up.

Weight-loss Frauds: Beware of…

How can you tell if a plan or a product is a weight-loss fraud? Consider these red flags:

“Block out Carbs and Fats for Fast Success.”

Many supplements and pills boast of this strategy, maintaining that all carbs and fats are detrimental to your weight. However, there isn’t a plant supplement out there that will truly “block” carbs, fats or calories as they claim to do.

“Lose Three Pounds a Week WITHOUT Dieting!”

While there are some FDA-approved prescription medications that could achieve this goal for the right patient, no weight-loss supplement elsewhere has been proven to safely achieve this claim.

“Lose Weight and Keep it off for Good.”

No matter your pace for weight-loss, keeping it off for good requires ongoing effort for the rest of our life. This often requires more than one type of approach or treatment.

“Works for Everyone, Guaranteed!”

There is a lot of variation in how people lose weight and how much weight they will lose. We all carry different genetics, lifestyles and circumstances. No product is a one-size-fits all treatment.

“This is Dangerous if You Need to Lose More than 50 Pounds.”

Claiming that you could lose “too much weight” because of a product’s effectiveness is one way to get hooked into a purchase. Keep your goals realistic and keep safety in mind.

“Eat What You Want and Still Lose Weight!”

Healthy, balanced eating is critical to any and all weight management plans. Bottom line!

Final Thoughts

The promise of weight-loss can be appealing — especially if you’ve always struggled with weight.

While testing various plans may seem like a “hey, why not?” kind of idea, don’t forget to be an informed consumer. Always do extensive research on a product or service before you invest in it. This will save you time, money and possibly even preventable health issues.

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