How to Turn Exercise into a Habit You Wont Break

Turn exercise into something you can't go without

Even though you may not realize it, you form habits in your daily life all the time. For example, you might have made habits surrounding the following routines:

  • Your usual route to work
  • Your night time routine
  • The lunches you pack for work
  • Your Sunday morning activities

Maybe you’ve even made a habit out of a certain kind of activity, like watching movies on the weekend or jumping on your phone the moment you get bored — even if you’re around other people. Because let’s face it — as humans, we’re totally creatures of habit.

Weight Management as a Habit

More and more these days, you’ve probably heard that health (and consequently weight management) is a journey you’ll take forever. Maybe that sounds a bit intimidating, because it’s hard work, right? It’s okay to take things day by day, and that’s where habits come in handy.

Exercise is one of those habits that you really can’t compromise on. It’s essential to any weight-loss or weight maintenance plan because it creates energy, burns calories, releases endorphins and helps your body with its natural functions (like digestion). So if you’re committed to managing your weight for the long haul, exercise needs to be a habit you can’t live without!

Exercise: Making the Habit Stick

Everyone knows exercise is crucial, but not many people know how to make it a natural and consistent part of their daily life. Consider these tips for making the habit stick:

Make the Decision to Commit

You have to fully understand the importance of exercise before you can commit to it. Once you do, make the mental resolution to make exercise a priority in your daily and weekly routine.

Discover Your Motivation

What drives you? What makes you want to manage your weight and work on your health? Dig deep for a few different answers and write them down so they’re always in sight.

Write Down Detailed Goals

Your goals should be SMART — specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. Recognize your limits and capacity, but don’t be afraid to challenge yourself! Once you have a list of goals, spend some time mapping out how you plan to achieve them.

Develop a Plan

An organized plan is more likely to keep you on track than one that is general and unspecific. How often do you want to work out, and what kind of workouts do you want to do? If you want to start meal planning, what will you buy and when will you prepare your dishes?

Start with Something Easy

Sometimes the first goal you achieve is enough to keep you motivated. Consider starting out with a simple goal such as walking for 30 minutes three days per week. Maybe you invest in a pedometer or a new pair of workout shoes. Maybe you get a new lunchbox! Start with what you can do and then go from there, because any progress is better than none.

Want more advice for turning exercise into a habit? Read the full article by CLICKING HERE.


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