Why Self-esteem Makes an Impact on Your Weight Management

Self-esteem makes a difference in your health goals

Weight can be a painfully sore subject to talk about, and for many of us, it’s a real self-esteem killer in a largely appearance-driven society. Comments about weight and size cut deep.

To make matters a little more complimented, our self-esteem is often shaped by feedback from our family, peers, teachers, colleagues and even health professionals as we age. If we’re not cautious, comments and opinions from others can affect our perception of our success and intelligence — even going so far as to influence our confidence.

Many people try to lose weight in order to gain better self-esteem. But ironically, much of our success depends on having a certain degree of self-esteem to begin with! After all, for how long can you stick to your goals if you don’t have faith in yourself that you can achieve them? See below for tips to develop a stronger positive perception of yourself and your ability.

What Shapes Self-esteem?

It may help to understand how self-esteem has been shaped and influenced throughout your life. Knowing this information builds greater awareness of what needs to change and what doesn’t.

  • People You Spend Time With – Friends, family, coaches, teachers, co-workers
  • Desire for Affection – A psychological craving that makes us seek out care/support
  • Desire for Approval – A strong need for affirmation and recognition from loved ones
  • Received Feedback – Prior words and actions that have made you feel a certain way

How to Boost Your Self-esteem

Speak Words of Affirmation

Practice positive thinking and do it out loud. For example, say “I am intelligent and capable of doing what I put my mind to” or, “I am a hard worker. I always get the job done.” Tell yourself you are enough and affirm that you’ll be successful at your goals.

Leave Yourself Reminders

Turn those positive statements into messages you see every day. Write them on your mirror, place a sticky note in your work agenda or make them a screensaver on your cellphone.

Try Counseling or Life Coaching

There’s absolutely no shame in asking for help to build stronger self-esteem. You deserve a life of self-love and self-care. If a counselor can help you get there, find one and go for it.

Want more information about self-esteem and tips for boosting it? Read the full article from Your Weight Matters Magazine by CLICKING HERE.

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