Take Charge of Your Health at the Your Weight Matters National Convention!

Your Weight Matters National Convention

While managing your weight and health, we know the information you’re presented with can feel like a puzzle you’re trying to solve — but it doesn’t have to be that way.

At the Your Weight Matters National Convention, you’ll get the RIGHT information about weight and health from the Nation’s leading experts in the field — in a safe environment that welcomes anyone who wants to take charge of their health!

The 5th Annual Your Weight Matters National Convention (YWM2016) takes place August 25-28 in Washington, DC, and registration is now open for the event. The topics you’ll learn about at the Convention are applicable to anyone no matter where you are at on your weight-loss journey, with subjects being covered such as:

  • “Health by Design: Creating a Mindful Eating Environment”
  • “Energy In, Energy Out – Rethinking the Balance”
  • “Achieving Health: A Look at Your Weight Management Options”

CLICK HERE to view the full program agenda.

“The lessons that you learn aren’t from random gurus — they’re actually from scientific-based people who have information you can trust,” said Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD, winning coach of ABC’s “My Diet is Better Than Yours” and a previous Convention presenter. “It’s information that you can’t find anywhere else, from respected individuals, and at the same time, you get connections and friends out of this that care about the same thing.”

YWM2016 isn’t just about hearing from the experts. At YWM2016, you’ll also get the chance to interact with like-minded people during social events. You’ll get to try something new in morning and afternoon exercise sessions. And you’ll get connected with vendors and exhibitors in the YWM Healthy Living EXPO Hall. All of these things are provided to you at an affordable price starting at $30/day.

5 Reasons to Attend a Weight Management Conference

Previous Convention attendees return year after year to get the latest education and renew their motivation to stay on track with the health and wellness goals. The atmosphere at YWM2016 is like no other, and you’ll leave the event feeling empowered, inspired and motivated to do better — for your health.

“You see these people on their Web sites and on television, and in different places, and you think: ‘If I could only get five minutes with that person, I’d love to just talk their ear off and ask a bunch of questions,'” said Jeff Newell, a YWM2014 and YWM2015 Convention attendee who first came to the event on his own, and now has a stronger support system than ever. “I was able to do that here, and it’s been such a wonderful wealth of education.”

Register Now for YWM2016 - for your health! Interested in learning more about the Your Weight Matters National Convention? Visit www.YWMConvention.com to get the full details about the event and register today!



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