National Nutrition Month – Eat Right with these Healthy Tips!

National Nutrition Month Healthy Eating

The month of March is National Nutrition Month, a time when the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics puts a spotlight on the importance of eating healthy and maintaining a balanced diet. It’s important to follow these principles year round, but there’s a variety of resources floating around this month about this popular topic.

It’s an important topic too — proper nutrition is key when losing weight and improving your health. Here are some tips for healthy eating that you can start practicing right away:

Nutrition Tip: Eat Lean Protein Nuts Eggs

Lean Protein

Choose lean meats, poultry, fish, beans, eggs and nuts. The more beans and nuts, the merrier.

Nutrition Tip: Eat Fruit for a Late night snack

Satisfying Late-Night Cravings

Is your sweet tooth getting a late-night craving? Eat fruit! It’ll satisfy your craving and at the same time won’t be too many calories right before bed.

Nutrition Tip: Increase Your Whole Foods Intake

Increase Your Whole Foods Intake

A wide variety of nutrients are needed to maintain proper health, and when nutrients are eaten in the form of whole foods, it leads to better health benefits.

Nutrition Tip: Plan Out Your Meals

Plan Ahead

Take some time throughout your week to meal plan and brainstorm meals that can easily fit into your evening every night of the week.

Nutrition Tip: Add Some Color to your Fruits and Veggies

Add Some Color

Fill your plan with foods that show a variety of colors, and prioritize the selection on your plate by starting with protein first, then fiber and carbs.

Nutrition Tip: Seven Servings a Day

Get Seven Servings a Day

A research study conducted in 2014 found that eating at least seven servings of fruit and veggies a day was linked to a 42 percent lower risk of premature death, a 25 percent decreased risk of cancer and a 31 percent decreased risk of heart disease or stroke.

Nutrition Tip: Focus on Your Food

Focus on Your Food

If you’re hungry, you’re more likely to overeat, so it’s better to eat enough during the day to avoid uncontrolled eating.

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