5 Reasons to Attend a Weight Management Conference

At a meeting where everyone is learning non-stop about weight, health and the connection between the two, you may be wondering what there is to gain from attending such an event. Not sure if it’s something for you?

Check out these reasons why we recommend attending a weight management conference, like the 5th Annual Your Weight Matters National Convention:

Education at YWM

1. You’ll get information about weight and health that you can trust.

The Web sites you read, the commercials you see and even the headlines you discover all claim to have the best plans and products for helping you manage your weight — but how do you know it’s legitimate? At the Your Weight Matters National Convention, you’ll get the RIGHT information about weight and health, so you won’t have to fear that you’re giving into some gimmick or falsely advertised plan.

Like-minded People YWM

2. You’ll unite with like-minded people who will become your new support system.

There’s safety in numbers. Having a support system is a crucial part to staying on track with your goals, and at the Your Weight Matters National Convention, you’ll get to meet people who are aiming for the same goals you are — improving their health, for the long haul.

 Exercise YWM Robanne

3. You’ll get the chance to try something new.

New environments lead to new experiences — such as wearing a new item of clothing, introducing yourself to new people or even participating in a newly-discovered exercise class! At the Your Weight Matters National Convention, you’ll get the chance to try all of these new things, and you’ll have a community of people encouraging you along the way.

Convention Speaker

4. You’ll get to ask experts in the field all of the questions you can think of.

When you see an interview with an expert in field of weight and health, you may think to yourself about how great it would be to meet up with this person face-to-face, so you can pick their brain about everything they know. That’s a reality at the Your Weight Matters National Convention, where you’ll get the chance to not only hear from the leading experts in the field, but interact with them as well.


5. You’ll be inspired to improve your health in a safe and judgement-free zone.

At meetings like the Your Weight Matters National Convention, attendees pledge to respect and help one another out on their journey with weight. The atmosphere at the Convention provides a space where you’ll learn, connect and be empowered, and later on take that same feeling back home with you!

The Your Weight Matters National Convention is an annual meeting hosted by the Obesity Action Coalition, the National non-profit organization who proudly presents the Your Weight Matters Campaign. This year’s Convention will take place August 25-28 at the Gaylord National Resort in Washington, DC.

Interested in learning more? CLICK HERE to visit the Your Weight Matters National Convention Facebook page to check out photos, testimonies and updates about the Convention, and what to expect from this year’s event.

We hope to see you there!

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