Put the Spring Back in Your Step! Seasonal Tips for Weight Management

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Spring has sprung, and new beginnings are all around us! It’s a season of fresh opportunities, so why not give your weight management journey a new beginning too?

Start Fresh with Weight Management

Every now and then, it’s a good idea to pause and reflect on your current goals, actions and rate of success. What are you trying to achieve? How are you trying to get there? What’s working and what’s not? These questions, although simple, are fundamental.

You’ll probably notice that there is plenty of room for growth and change. Switching things up can not only keep things fresh, but also productive. For example, let’s say you’re knee-deep in a current workout routine that’s producing minimal results. If your goal is to improve energy levels and gain muscle, you might consider examining what needs work. Maybe it’s time to try different cardio and strength training exercises, or maybe you need a change of environment.

The good thing is that your weight management journey is a process. You will always be learning, changing, adding and subtracting. You won’t get anywhere without change and adjustment.

Spring into Action – Seasonal Tips for Weight, Health and Wellness

What can you or should you change? What does spring have to do with it?

You’re probably familiar with the term “spring cleaning.” It’s about taking the season of spring to de-clutter your life and physical space so that you can focus on yourself, your surroundings and responsibilities.

There’s no reason why spring cleaning can’t apply to your weight management journey! Consider these tips for starting fresh, starting new and implementing change:

  • Clean-out Your Kitchen – Look through your refrigerator, cabinets and pantry. Toss out any tempting treats that won’t help you with your weight management goals.
  • Add One New Change to Your Workout Routine – Maybe it’s working out in a new place, such as the park instead of the gym. It could also be the amount of time you exercise, or the particular exercises you’re doing.
  • Try Something New – This could be a new exercise, fitness class, after-work activity or even a new kind of food to add to your cookbook. Don’t be afraid to stretch your wings and get creative!
  • Create a New Workout Playlist – Add some new songs to your workout playlist for a spark in motivation! New music can be very inspirational.
  • Visit the Farmer’s Market – Spring produce is now in season, and they’re great options for filling up you’re plate! To see what types of food are currently in harvest, please CLICK HERE
  • See Your Healthcare Provider – Check-in with your healthcare provider for an annual exam to keep tabs on your weight and health. Healthcare providers make excellent accountability partners, and can provide clear direction!

So, this spring, don’t be afraid to switch gears and make small differences in your weight management journey!

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