Recognizing and Celebrating Non-scale Victories during Weight Management

Non-scale Victories are Other Ways to Track Progress

Non-scale victories are powerful ways to measure weight management progress beyond a number on the scale. Have you ever stepped on a scale only to be discouraged by a number that won’t budge or even creeps up once in a while? For some people, the dreaded scale can even become an idol that houses all of your self-worth and value. Many people develop an unhealthy relationship with the scale, even weighing themselves multiple times each week or each day.

Scales Have Limited Ability.

Knowing your weight and having a general idea of the direction it is moving is an important part of measuring your health. This is why scales are useful tools. They give us information about our health status and often hold us accountable to healthy behaviors and habits.

Unfortunately, however, they don’t tell us everything we need to know about our weight and health. For instance, the number on a scale is often skewed by factors such as muscle mass, water intake and even time of day. You may weigh yourself on a regular basis but find that the number continues to shift around. Scales also do not take into consideration other markers of health improvement such as physical measurements, improved energy levels, etc. They are limited in their ability to assess overall health and solely display a number that represents your gravitational force on this planet.

Measuring Non-scale Victories

So if scales aren’t entirely comprehensive, what other tools can you use to track your progress? Consider these Non-scale victories commonly referred to as NSVs:

  • Improved Energy Levels – Feeling less lethargic and more physically motivated
  • More Physical Activity – Feeling capable of accomplishing more physical tasks such as exercise and daily movement
  • Smaller Clothing Sizes – Noticing your larger clothes no longer fit and it’s time to downsize your wardrobe (literally)
  • Healthier Labs – Improved cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, etc.
  • Healthy Indulging – Being able to enjoy your favorite “cheat” foods without going overboard or bingeing
  • More Muscle Definition – Noticing less body fat and more muscle in places such as your arms, legs, abdomen, etc.
  • More Confidence – If you’re feeling stronger and happier, you’re making progress!

And while we’re on the subject of scales… just how often should you be checking yours? Check-out this past Your Weight Matters Blog post for some helpful advice by CLICKING HERE.

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