Re-evaluating and Reworking Your Health Goals

Now that we’re in mid-January, you might be thinking about re-evaluating any new year resolutions you made or reworking your health goals. Many times, people set aggressive goals at the beginning of the year and jump in feet first ready to go. This excitement and readiness for change is wonderful, but as the days go on, we sometimes find that it’s a little more than we bargained for. Instead of throwing in the towel, use this time to re-evaluate your goals and see what you can adjust.

First, Review Your Goals

Did you write your goals down in a planner or journal? Pull them out and reflect on them. Sometimes, goals can get buried under all the other things going on in our life. Take a hard look at what you chose to work on and why. Are these goals still important to you?


If you are struggling to meet your current goals, think about why.

  • Are your goals asking too much of you? Sometimes, we make them too aggressive. For example, if your intention is to begin exercising, a goal of working out every day may be too difficult to reach. Are you trying to improve your diet? Setting restrictive calorie limits or taking out an entire food group may not work for you long-term.
  • What are your priorities? When January comes around, some people bite off more than they can chew. Decide what your top priorities are and work toward those first. Save the rest for later as you progress.
  • Where did you struggle? Do you have trouble preparing healthy dinners? Consider meal prepping on the weekends. Have you missed a few days in the gym? Get up a little earlier for an at-home workout.


It might be time to switch things up and develop a new plan that works for you.

  • Modify – Set the bar a little lower if need be. You can always raise it, but it’s easy to throw in the towel if you feel you aren’t meeting your goals. Maybe instead of going to the gym five days a week, try three. That’s still a big achievement!
  • Make your goals specific. Carefully determine what you want to work on each day and week. Increase your sleep to seven or eight hours a night, take 15 minutes out of your day to do yoga, or try to avoid drinking alcohol during the week. These specific and measurable goals are easy to track.
  • Keep track of your progress. Goals should continually be modified to meet your needs.

Rev it Up

Now it’s time to take action!

  • Start working on your new goals and see how you do. Remember, you don’t have to be perfect. Taking small steps forward is still progress and should be celebrated!
  • As you continue on, reward yourself for a job well done. Changing your habits takes a lot of work, so be compassionate with yourself and celebrate your victories.

You are always a work in progress. Health and wellness should be top priorities in your life. Continue to strive for improvement, but allow yourself time and flexibility to make your goals work for you. Reworking your health goals every few weeks or months can also be helpful. Here’s to a successful year ahead!

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