October Apps for Health and Wellness!

October apps for health and wellness

Each month, the Your Weight Matters Campaign strives to provide you with unique apps and technology designed to help you along your journey with weight and health. Technology is known for its ability to make life easier — and you can make your journey easier, too! From nutrition recommendations, meal guides, fitness trackers and more, technology has come a long way and can help you move closer to your goals!

No matter what kind of help you’re looking for, there’s probably an app for it. Below, we’ve compiled some popular apps that are intended to guide your progress and keep you on track. Check out some of our recent finds!

5 October Apps for Improved Health and Wellness:

  • HealthyOut – When you’re carefully controlling your diet and portions, eating out can be a little tricky. HealthyOut aims to make it a lot simpler! The app has many different filters you can choose from, such as “low-carb” or “low-fat,” and shows you what restaurants and dishes match your specific wants and needs. The app is especially great for individuals who have chronic health conditions such as diabetes or other food-related restrictions. When you find a dish you like, you can even view the complete nutritional information! (Free)
  • Waterlogged – This is one nutritional need that can’t be overlooked! Drinking water is crucial to our weight and health goals, but it can sometimes feel like a chore. Waterlogged lets you take a picture of your beverage, whether it be water, tea, coffee, etc., and tracks your intake. You can even get reminders to drink more throughout the day for a small additional fee! (Free, with optional in-app purchases)
  • FitStar Personal Trainer You don’t have to feel alone during your workout routine. Based on your own personal fitness level, the app creates customized workouts just for you! Start off with just a few workouts so the app can give you feedback. Then, it will create a routine that challenges you in the right ways! (Free; $7.99 per month; $39.99 per year with Premium)
  • Home Workout Plans – Fitterfox – Setting aside time to exercise during a busy day can be difficult. This user-friendly app provides quick 10-15 minute workouts and a personal trainer to help you achieve your goals in the environment you prefer. The holistic approach that is used also focuses on helping you to build strength, stamina and flexibility. It’s an all around great guide, especially for those days when you’re having trouble staying focused!  (Free)
  • Walksome – This surprisingly simple app acts as your very own in-phone pedometer! It tracks your daily walks on a GPS, counts steps and estimates burned calories, distance walked and duration walked as well. There’s no need for starting and stopping your walk, as the app works automatically by detecting your movement. With this tool, you can make sure your walks are hitting your target fitness goals and even stay motivated to increase the amount that you’re moving! (Free) 

Do you know of any other apps targeted for health and wellness that you think other campaign challengers could benefit from?

Let us know in the comments below or email mstep@obesityaction.org to sue for next month’s post!

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