What’s the Next Step in Your Health Journey? Try YWM2018!

Join us at YWM2018!

Every day, we have the opportunity to take our health to new heights. Each step forward on your weight management journey counts, no matter how big or how small. What if you got to take that next step among others on the same journey?

Join Us at YWM2018 this Summer!

Good news… you can! At the Obesity Action Coalition’s (OAC) Your Weight Matters National Convention, everyday individuals from all across the country are joining together July 19-22 in Denver to engage deeper with their weight and health.

No matter where you are at on your journey with weight and health, YWM2018 welcomes you! This 4-day educational event is designed to bring together all individuals who struggle or are concerned with weight-related issues. We bring in the country’s leading experts on these topics and equip you with the RIGHT tools to be successful. No gimmicks or tricks involved!

Here’s what you can expect to find if you join us at YWM2018 this Summer:

  • More than 50 Educational topics – Ranging from nutrition and exercise to treatment options, behavioral health, mental health and more
  • Leading Weight/Heath Experts – Dedicated to presenting evidence-based information
  • Fitness Opportunities – Take part in a variety of group classes to keep you moving!
  • Support and Connections – Join an awesome Community of like-minded individuals who understand your challenges and experiences
  • A Safe Environment – This is a place where the healthy choice is the easy choice, and you can address your concerns comfortably and free of judgement

Make Your Plans to Attend!

We want to see you in Denver this summer … so make your plans NOW to attend! Advance Registration for YWM2018 ends on July 6 and provides you with our current, most cost-effective option for attending:

  • Single-day Registration: Starting at $50/day
  • Full Convention Registration: $125

Want more information about YWM2018, including our Program Agenda, registration options, housing and more? Visit YWMConvention.com.

Learn. Connect. Engage.

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Gain the tools you need to succeed in your health journey. Join the OAC Community at NO COST and get access to: Valuable Education – Ongoing Support – Meaningful Connections – Much More

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