Simple Ways to Stay Inspired through Weight Management

Stay Inspired

“How can I stay inspired during weight management when the journey is so difficult?”

Believe it or not, this is actually a pretty common question. Weight management, whether it’s through weight-loss or weight maintenance, is no easy feat. It requires round-the-clock hard work and mindfulness that doesn’t always come instinctively.

Busting through the Difficult Moments

For most people, motivation begins to wane when they hit a weight plateau. This may happen when the number on the scale refuses to budge even with all of your effort, or when your daily routine becomes so monotonous and repetitive that it makes it hard to stick to.

For others, hard spots hit when the journey becomes overwhelming. This can happen for a number of different reasons. It can be emotionally stressful to work around a number on a scale and change your food and exercise habits. After all, weight management is a lifestyle and not a short-term goal. Alternatively, it does require constant attention and decision-making.

Simple Ways to Stay Inspired

Regardless of what’s holding you back, your feelings do matter on your weight management journey. Believe it or not, much of your performance is based on your mental state! You can set yourself up for success by simply taking good care of your emotions.

If you find yourself facing a physical or emotional “rut,” and you need a boost of inspiration to carry you through the tough moments, consider these helpful tips and practice them daily:

  • Journal Your Progress – It’s inspiring to see all the hard work you’ve already put in. Tracking your progress reminds you that every step forward, no matter the size, is important.
  • Use Non-food Rewards – For the milestones and achievements you want to celebrate, consider a non-food reward like a new article of clothing or one-day vacation getaway.
  • Keep it Social – Don’t navigate your weight management journey alone. Share your frustrations, challenges and successes with people who keep you inspired.
  • Plan it Out – Have you written out a plan for all of your hard work? Seeing something tangible can keep you motivated to accomplish every task and goal.
  • Get Competitive – No, this doesn’t have to be a weight-loss competition. It can be something as simple as trying a team sport or healthy cooking challenge.
  • List Your Reasons – Why are you trying to manage your weight? It’s a simple question! Keep a physical list around and reflect on it whenever times get tough.

Looking for More Ways to Stay Inspired?

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