Motivational Tips for Overcoming the Mental Plateau with Weight-loss

Bored or struggling with fatigue before you exercise? Need some motivation to push past the mental plateau?

When it comes to weight-loss, you might be familiar with the plateau period on the scale. But have you ever experienced a mental plateau when your motivation just…isn’t there anymore?

Weight-loss is hard and requires a lot of physical and mental energy. If you’re feeling completely burned out and you don’t have much drive left, fill-up your tank with these motivational tips.

How to Bust through the Mental Plateau

First, Set a Non Scale-related Goal

Don’t let the scale have total control of your actions. Set a NEW goal that will instill in you a fighting spirit. Perhaps you could start training for a 5K marathon race, try four new healthy recipes next month, or resolve to master a fun new fitness skill.

Take a Break from the Nitty Gritty

Strict and rigorous routines can be energy-depleting, so try taking a small break. Hang back from the gym a few times this week and take your workout outside, or indulge in a “cheat food” you’ve been craving to break up the monotony of structured meals.

Give Yourself Something You Need

All work and no play isn’t very motivating. You’ve put the pedal to the medal, so reward yourself with something you might really want or need (not food-related) to distract your mind.

Connect with Others on Similar Paths

The structured routine of our daily lives can be quite isolating. Add some spark to your day or week by getting social and spending time with your accountability partner(s), spouse, friends or close family. If any of them share similar goals, they can give you encouragement.

Try Something Completely Different

Whatever you’ve been doing to take the weight off… do a 180. Take your workouts somewhere else or try a new exercise altogether. Pick a new cuisine to try out and use it to meal prep your lunches. Put your scale away for a week and focus on your lifestyle, not the number.

Remember that you’re not a machine. Without rest and rejuvenation, you probably won’t have much luck sticking to the same rigorous weight-loss plan. Plateaus are natural, and they usually mean it’s time for a new spark. Go with the flow, shake things up and return to your goals with new energy. Before you know it, you’ll be back on the fast track to long-term success.

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