Tips for Staying On-track Over the Easter Weekend

Follow these tips for staying on-track with your healthy lifestyle this Easter Weekend

One of spring’s trademark events is Easter weekend — a fun, family-centric holiday weekend filled with great food, sweet treats and usually pretty fantastic weather!

But just like any holiday, Easter comes with its own temptations around food and drinks. Worried about staying on-track with your weight and health goals? Consider these tips.

Easter Weekend Health Tips

Whether or not you celebrate the Easter holiday, there’s still an abundance of food in every supermarket, pharmacy or restaurant you go to. You can ward-off temptation by…

Switch-up the Easter Treats

It doesn’t all have to be about chocolate bunnies or malted milk eggs! If celebrating Easter is your thing, gift-giving is a healthier alternative to traditional treats. Since summer is around the corner, outdoor-themed presents like sporting equipment and pool accessories are great options.

Don’t Warm the Sofa – Get Active!

Large family meals and big crowds can make sitting down seem attractive, but you can re-energize and burn calories by making exercise part of the fun. If you’re having a get-together with family, try tossing the football or Frisbee, jumping in the pool or going for neighborhood bike rides.

Eat before You Leave Your House

Heading to a loved one’s house? Don’t go hungry and risk over-indulging later. Whip-up a healthy breakfast with lots of protein, like eggs, and you’ll be less likely to graze at your get-together.

Bring a Healthy Dish with You

If you’re attending a potluck, prepare something you’ll feel good eating. Maybe you won’t get to make brownies this year, but a fresh spring salad or healthy take on deviled eggs might be a hit!

Share Your Sweet Treats

If you end up buying a big bag of candy or other treats, and you still have some left over after stuffing Easter baskets, offer them up to your co-workers, loved ones or even children in need.

Above all else, remember to enjoy your holiday and make the most of time you spend with your loved ones. All foods and drinks fit within moderation, so try not to pack on the pressure.

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