Sun, Fun and Wellness: Healthy Tips for the Summer Season

Summer season, healthy tips

The weather is warming up, school is out and summer sunshine offers plenty of opportunities to get outdoors and celebrate! Today marks the very first day of summer, and whether you’re taking advantage of the season to vacation, relax at home or try a variety of new activities with your friends and family, this is a great time to rejuvenate your goals for weight and health.

How Can You Take Advantage of the Summer Season?

If you’re creative, you can tailor your weight management goals to make the very best out of what summer has to offer. Here are a few fun, healthy and active ways to enjoy the season:

Dig Your Way to a Healthy Family Garden

Gardening yields a variety of health benefits you won’t want to miss out on. Grab some gloves, spades and a few of your favorite outdoor tools to create the perfect produce garden for your family. You’ll not only reap fresh, whole produce to boost your nutrition plan, but you’ll also burn calories by staying active outside!

Make a SPLASH!

Warm summer weather makes hitting the water so much more enjoyable. Try taking a trip to the beach, a local lake or even a nearby pool. Water aerobics is an engaging way to stay active and find some fun in fitness, and you can also choose from other water-based sports such as kayaking, canoeing, swimming and fishing.

Plan Healthy BBQ’s

Let’s face it… BBQ’s are some of the best parts of summer! You don’t have to forfeit the fun of backyard BBQ’s just because you’re trying to stay on-track with your weight management goals. You can grill lean meats such as chicken, turkey and seafood as well as plenty of fruits and vegetables. Just make sure you keep a watchful eye on any condiments, dressings or sauces you add to your BBQ dishes, as those typically pack-on extra calories.

Venture, if You Can

Financial limitations and busy schedules can make travel more difficult, but there are plenty of ways to explore what’s beyond your own neighborhood. For example, a weekend hike, camping trip or a walk in a nearby city is a great way to get active and discover more of what’s past your door. If you’re participating in more conventional travel this summer, just be sure to maintain a balanced, healthy diet and strive for plenty of physical activity along the way.

For additional tips to help you stay health on-the-go, please CLICK HERE.


Warmer weather increases your risk for dehydration, and you certainly don’t want to experience dehydration during all your summer fun! Healthy, low-calorie fluids keep your body functioning at its best. Keep a bottle of water with you at all times, and even consider dressing it up with zesty flavors such as lime, lemon or cucumber.

Now, go celebrate! We hope you have a happy first day of summer!

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