Managing Your Weight During (and After) Pregnancy

Managing Weight During and After Pregnancy

Like the majority of women, you’d probably do anything for your child — but have you considered how weight and health during and after pregnancy impact their life as well as your own?

Pregnancy, birth and raising a child are all extremely rewarding experiences, but they can also be some of the most demanding, tiring and stressful times of your life as well. That’s why it’s important to find the right balance between the two  — so you AND your baby can stay healthy and reap the benefits!

Before Becoming Pregnant, Consider this:

Paying close to attention to your health before conceiving can set you and your child up for success in the long-run. Your health prior to becoming pregnant can affect many things, including:

  • Quality of Sleep
  • Overall Energy
  • Stress Management (pregnancy and childcare are stressful!)
  • Ease of Labor
  • Post-delivery Recovery Time

Getting started on managing your health early can help you reap amazing benefits! Other than developing a healthy nutrition plan tailored to your own body and goals, consider these exercises to help you prepare for any excess baby weight:

  • Cardio Exercise – Running, walking, biking and other forms of cardio exercise can help you manage your weight, improve heart/lung function, build bone density and more.
  • Body Strength Exercises – Working each of the muscles in your body can help you burn more calories and build muscle. This will help you gain strength and endurance for your pregnancy.
  • Stretching/Meditation – Improve your overall mental health for peace and clarity, and stretch your muscles to improve your flexibility and decrease risk of injury.

During and After Pregnancy – How Can I Manage My Weight?

Weight gain during and after pregnancy can be minimized by eating a clean diet, participating in regular (or modified) exercise and taking the time to improve your mental health! Although this sounds easy, the stress of pregnancy and raising a newborn can make this process a lot more difficult.

To help ensure that you’re gaining a healthy amount of weight during pregnancy, or staying on track with your weight-loss goals postpartum, consider these tips:

  • Measure and Assess – Recording measurements such as your weight, girth, waist, chest and limbs can help you see where you tend to gain weight or what areas of your body you’ve made progress in. Do this before pregnancy, throughout your pregnancy, when you arrive home from delivery and during postpartum.
  • Track Your Calories – While typical calorie counting may not work for everyone, it might benefit you to get an idea of how many calories you’re consuming on a regular day. This will help you determine a calorie deficit to strive for postpartum and to simply help develop your nutrition plan.
  • Exercise Weekly – Develop an exercise plan that starts slow and gradually progresses, and seek a fitness professional if you’d like extra guidance.
  • Focus on Mental Health – It’s important! Take 10-60 minutes a day for your mental health with yoga, deep breathing or similar activities.

Want More Information about Managing Your Weight Before, During and After Pregnancy?

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