Healthy Fall Family Activities that Promote Fun and Creativity

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With all the adventures and opportunities that come with the fall season, you don’t want your family to “fall” into the routine of watching T.V. and snacking on the couch all day. So, rally the troops and find some ways to enjoy healthy fall activities that are not only fun but will also bring out everyone’s creative side!

First Step: Get Moving!

Without the hot sun blazing down on you, outside activities might be a little more appealing in the fall. Take a few moments each day to encourage moving and physical activity. If you want to shake things up, suggest a new activity each week to keep everyone entertained.

Go on an Evening Walk

Get everyone together for a walk around the neighborhood or a nearby park. While family walks are already fun, try adding a challenge to spice things up. Collect leaves from different trees or challenge the kids to find an outside object with each letter of the alphabet. You can even try a penny hike! Flip a coin and if it lands on heads, go left. If it lands on tails, go right.

Make a Fitness Challenge

What about an evening of tennis, a family jogging challenge, or a friendly basketball game? This is also a popular time of year for turkey trots and fun runs. You never know what your family will enjoy and this is the perfect time to expose them to new things.

Outdoor Games

How about corn hole, frisbee golf, or backyard croquet? An organized game can be new and exciting and will keep everyone wanting more!

Involve Others

Try inviting your neighbors to take part in your family’s fall activities. Backyard volleyball or kickball could be a fun neighborhood event. You can even host a bonfire and encourage the kids to run around or complete a fall-themed scavenger hunt for fall leaves and acorns.

Take Healthy Fall Activities Inside

Sometimes the weather isn’t perfect in the fall, especially if you live in a northern region where it may already be too cold and snowing. Instead of feeling stuck inside and restricted to the T.V., try these fun family activities that are perfect for indoors.

Get Creative

There are so many ways to bring out your family’s creativity: painting, modeling with clay, coloring books, and more! Mix things up and decide to have a family art show or make a theme each night to make these activities more fun. You can also try painting with leaves, making fall leaf mason jar luminaries, or crafting greeting cards for loved ones. Want to take things up a notch? Try making bracelets or scrapbooking.

Out-of-the-Box Activities

  • Make slime from pumpkin guts
  • Try an online science experiment
  • Write a play
  • Play a board game
  • Work on a challenging puzzle
  • Create fall-themed decorations
  • Plant an indoor herb garden
  • Toast pumpkin seeds
  • Create a list of things you are grateful for

Make this Fall One to Remember

It’s your time to make memories with your kids this fall and enjoy quality family time. Remember, nothing needs to be perfect. Just focus on some out-of-the-box fun and try something new once in a while. Time goes fast, so make these moments last!

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