5 Tips for Keeping the Balance When Life Gets Crazy

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When life gets crazy, keeping a semblance of balance can feel impossible. It can also be increasingly difficult to stay grounded when it feels like you are being pulled in every direction.

Whether you’re meeting challenges with work, school, family, health, or just what’s going on in the world around you (likely a combination of all of these), it is important to maintain at least some sense of balance for your wellbeing. This can also help you manage your weight because too much stress can cause damage to your hormones, eating behaviors, and mental health.

Use the five tips below to help improve the semblance of balance in your life.

Tips for Keeping the Balance

Organize Your Commitments

Keep a calendar or use a tracking tool to track all of your commitments such as work assignments, deadlines, medical appointments, errands you have to run, and other items. Look back at this list regularly so you can easily see everything on your plate. This can help you visualize when you have too many commitments and need to start moving things around or saying “No” if you are asked to do something.

Schedule Time for Self-care

Self-care isn’t selfish. It is a tool to help you be your best self more often. Self-care can also come in many forms:

  • Keeping up with medical appointments
  • Taking a nap when you feel exhausted
  • Spending time on your hobbies
  • Cooking homemade healthy meals
  • Going out with a friend

Learn to Prioritize

Prioritization is important when you have a lot of commitments at once. It will also help you minimize stress and be more efficient. The items that should get your attention first are the ones that are most urgent or time-sensitive. Then, move on to what is important but doesn’t need to be completed right away. When those are done, work down your “To-Do” list until you have saved any lingering items for last.


If other people are able to help you, don’t feel bad for leaning on them. Outsource the work to others who are willing to assist. This can be a co-worker, a spouse, a family member, or a friend. If you can lighten your load, even just a little bit, you may feel less stressed and value your support system even more.

Don’t Bend on Your Health

Always, ALWAYS, make time for your physical, mental, and emotional health. Without your health, it is harder to accomplish anything else, and the quality of those things will often be lower than what is ideal.

  • Go to bed earlier and get the sleep you need.
  • Make the time to grocery shop and cook nutritious meals.
  • Set aside time to exercise and stretch your body.
  • Meditate, express your creativity, and work on your mental health.
  • See your healthcare provider if something isn’t right.


Maintaining a semblance of balance in your life will help you in all areas: work, school, family, etc. It will also make you happier, healthier, and more productive. With time, you will start to realize what things in life are most important and be able to dedicate the most energy to those things.

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