Our Favorite Finds: November 2016

November Favorite Finds

Embarking on the journey with weight and health means making new, healthy and sometimes challenging adjustments to your nutrition and exercise routines. However, making changes to your habits (big or small) can seem overwhelming and confusing with all of the information that’s out there.

Here at the Your Weight Matters Campaign, we strive to provide you with the best resources and information that will help you reach your goals for weight and health. To do that, we seek out helpful, unbiased and unique support from some of our favorite health and wellness finds each month. We hope that these resources can help you achieve happy and healthy along your journey, and act as guides to move you forward in a positive direction!

17 Ways to Stay on Track at the Holidays & New Year’s! (Obesity Help)

holiday bellsThe holiday season is infamous for its abundance of seasonal foods, stress and celebration. As a result, it may be difficult to stay focused on your goals for weight and health.

Did you know that holiday patterns such as where you celebrate, how you feel about the season and who provides the dishes can all have an impact on your progress? In this helpful article, ObesityHelp provides 17 tried and true, powerful tips for overcoming challenges with food and staying on track during the holiday season.

Is My Workout Too Easy? Here’s How to Tell (Daily Burn)

workout dumbbellThe right workout routine will further your weight-loss goals and leaving you feeling refreshed and accomplished. But how can you tell if your workout is doing its job?

Daily Burn shows you how to get the most out of your exercise by pointing out when you need to “step it up a notch.” You may realize you’ve got a lot of extra potential that you’re not using! Use these signals to maximize your workouts and send you in a stronger direction towards your health and fitness goals.

How Do I Stay Motivated After Being “Good” for One Week? (Full Plate Living)

lightbulbHave you ever felt the frustration of being “perfect” for a short period of time and then hitting a motivation plateau with your weight-loss goals? It can be extremely hard to get back up.

This inspirational read tackles that exact question submitted by one Full Plate Living follower. Coach Lonnie Carbaugh shows you why being “perfect” may not be the best method for your weight-loss journey. Instead, he discusses the importance of building long-lasting habits one change at a time — small steps lead to bigger outcomes!

40+ Small Ways to Help You Hit Your Weight-loss Goals (PopSugar Fitness)

thumb-upReaching your weight and health goals is no easy task. Your goals are affected by your everyday decisions, habits and thought processes that can set you up for success or stagnation.

However, this thorough list covers all of the basics and essentials for creating a dynamic plan to help you reach success! From filling up on fruits and vegetables to planning ahead and treating yourself within moderation, PopSugar Fitness shows you many different ways to develop healthier habits and be kind to your body.

30 Ways to Make the Most Out of Every Moment (SparkPeople)

There’s more to weight and health than just eating the “right” foods and
mindfullnessgetting the “right” exercise. In fact, every single moment counts — from what’s going on in your brain to what you’re doing with your body!

Practicing mindfulness may be the key. In this unique article, SparkPeople gives you advice on how you can make the most out of every moment and incorporate awareness into your daily life. Each of these small changes can impact your weight and health in BIG ways!

How Getting Out in Nature Can Improve Your Health (MyFitnessPal)

Although regular exercise is a great way to build physical and mental
health, doing oak treeit in the outdoors can boost the effects more than you may realize!

In this read, MyFitnessPal lays down some of the powerful benefits to getting out and getting active in nature, and then offers a handful of tips for incorporating more of the outdoors into your daily routine. There’s plenty of ways to enjoy the fresh air and boost your health at the same time, so make the best of both worlds!

How Social Media Influences the Food Message (IDEA Health and Fitness Association)

social media iconEveryone needs a little inspiration for the journey with weight and health, but what if YOU were in the position to give it back?

This powerful article from IDEA Health and Fitness breaks down the many ways that social media can bring out the best nutrition habits in everyone. You can inspire your own nutrition goals as well as those of others by utilizing social media to everyone’s advantage! What’s the takeaway? Your nutrition message matters, and this article shows you how to create one.

Do YOU Have Any Favorite Finds?

If you’ve come across any helpful articles, inspirational reads, motivational words or useful information, we want to know so we can share it with other campaign challengers! To share your resources with us, simply drop your favorite finds in the comments below or email them to mstep@obesityaction.org. 

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