Eating Healthy on a Budget: Your Quick How-To Guide

You can shop for healthy and nutritious food even when you're on a tight budget!

Healthy eating can be expensive. When you’re living on a tight budget, is it possible to buy healthy food without dipping too much into your finances? And if so, what tips and tricks exist to make ends meet while still sticking to your weight and health goals?

Working with a Budget? You Can Still Shop Healthy.

While shopping for healthy and nutritious foods can be difficult because of cost, it’s certainly not impossible. All it takes is a strategic plan under your belt to stock your grocery cart with the things you want. Consider these tips as a useful guide:

Plan Your Menu

Know what meals and snacks you want for the week and write down a list of all the foods and ingredients you will need. When you get to the grocery store, don’t veer from your list. Purchase what you came to purchase (unless your forgot something important).

Stay Home

Even though it doesn’t feel like it at times, cooking your meals at home is more cost-effective than going out to eat at a restaurant. As much as possible, utilize your own kitchen and stock-up on useful ingredients that will last you a long time.

Shoot for Sales

Most supermarkets have apps or Web sites that allow you to browse deals and clip digital coupons. Take advantage of this! Whenever there is a sale on a food item you know you will need in the future, go ahead and buy it ahead of time.

Go Generic

So many food items come in a handful of different brands, but are almost always the same (or very similar). Look for the price tags on generic items labeled with your supermarket’s specific brand. Those will usually be the cheapest and most cost-effective.

Buy in Bulk

Sure, this will cost you more money upfront, but you’ll save in the long-run! Stock-up on the food items you eat most frequently. Just be sure to pay attention to expiration dates so your groceries won’t go bad before you consume them.

Cook Large Portions

Whether you’re shopping for a large family or a small one, cooking large portions can help you save money. Make sure you have Tupperware available to store your meals, and don’t discount the freezer! If you won’t eat a meal for a while, stick it in there.

Shop Frozen

There is nothing wrong with skirting the frozen food isle for cheaper deals. This is an especially great place to buy fruits and veggies that hold their nutritional content. Just be sure to avoid items which are covered in sauces, gravies or other additives.

Want More Tips for Shopping Healthy on a Budget?

Our friends at Healthline offer additional tips, tricks and ideas for filling your kitchen with healthy goods – even if your budget is a little tight. Check them out and explore some more options!

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