Create Your Own Health and Wellness Bucket List for Motivation!

Create a Bucket List for Your Weight and Health Journey!

A bucket list is a list of things you want to see, experience or do within your lifetime. For most people, this may include traveling the world, building meaningful relationships or growing to a certain point in your career. Why not take a traditional bucket list and turn it into one that is tailored for your specific health and wellness goals?

The Value of Having a Bucket List

Your goals and dreams have a better chance at coming to fruition if you write them down and reflect on them often. That’s what a bucket list is for! Don’t just store your wishes in the deepest parts of your brain where they have to be forced out from hiding. Grab a pen and highlighter and put them down on a piece of paper. Then, hang your list up in a place you often look at.

A bucket list proves its value through its ability to keep you motivated and determined. When you constantly remind yourself of your goals, you are more likely to take the steps necessary to reach them. If you have specific goals intended for your weight management journey, you are more likely to find success if you remind yourself of the future you are after.

How to Create a Health and Wellness Bucket List

The process is as simple as it sounds. Check out these tips to create a list that is strong and motivating:

Identify Your Goals

This step comes first and foremost, and it will take the most amount of time. What do you want to achieve in your weight and health journey? Now is the time to dig deep within and identify your truest desires.

Try to think beyond a number on a scale. Have you ever dreamed of running a half-marathon? What about going on a 10 mile bike ride where you don’t feel exhausted? Maybe you want to be healthy when your grand kids are growing up, or you hope to get off specific medications which are related to your weight. Take the time to write down what you truly want.

Get it on Paper

You’ve identified your goals – great! Now, grab a piece of notebook paper or invest in a journal specifically for your bucket list. Write down your goals using clear handwriting. If you want, dress it up with colored ink, stickers or small notes within the margins. This is YOUR list, and you want to make it as happy, motivating and inspiring as possible.

Display Your List

Don’t just take your list, fold it up and stick it in a drawer. Consider hanging it on your refrigerator, mirror or on a wall inside your bedroom. You can also put it in your office or even in your wallet where you’ll see it often. The goal is to display your list so that you lay eyes upon it daily or weekly. You will be surprised at how determined this list will make you!

Add to it Often

Your bucket list is allowed to be ongoing. If you think of a new goal you’d like to reach, grab a pen and write it down. Did you already accomplish a specific goal? Cross it off and list the day or month you achieved it.

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