YWM2020-VIRTUAL: Strategies for Navigating the “New Normal”

YWM2020-VIRTUAL: Navigating the "new normal" while keeping your health a priority

The last two events of the Obesity Action Coalition’s (OAC) Your Weight Matters Virtual Convention will take place this weekend, July 25 & 26. In case you haven’t heard, YWM2020-VIRTUAL is an immersive online educational experience designed to equip attendees with evidence-based education and tools for managing weight and health.

This weekend will continue to see leading experts from the industry as we explore strategies for navigating today’s “new normal” while keeping health a priority. So far, YWM2020-VIRTUAL has seen more than 2,000 registered attendees from more than 30 countries and 300 cities. Click Here for a recap of Event #1 and Here for a recap of Event #2.

July 25th: What You Can Look Forward to

Session 5: Adapting to a Changing World – Adding to Your Mental Health Toolbox
by Paul Davidson, PhD

This empowering session will feature necessary mental health strategies for creating a healthy “new normal” in today’s uncertain world. Dr. Davidson is a renowned health psychologist who will equip you with tools for staying resilient, managing stress, fighting impulses and working through challenges. This session will also show you how investing in your mental health can also benefit other aspects of your journey, such as nutrition and exercise. Balance is key, and this session will show you how to find it when it seems so challenging in today’s world.

Session 6: Become a Food BOSS – Manage Stress Eating, Beat Food Boredom, and Learn How to Feel In Charge
by Dawn Jackson Blatner, RDN, CSSD, LDN

You can’t miss this session if you struggle in your relationship with food! Get advice from Dawn Jackson Blatner, RDN, CSSD, LDN, a nationally-acclaimed dietitian, TV personality, and author of “The Superfood Swap” and “The Flexitarian Diet.” She is also the winning coach of ABC’s hit reality TV show “My Diet is Better than Yours.” As you learn tools for shifting your mindset around food, you’ll discover how to truly enjoy your relationship with it. Learn to combat unhealthy thoughts and behaviors so you can feel confident in the food choices you make every day!

July 26th: What You Can Look Forward to

Session 7: Just Keep Moving Forward – Staying Active in Challenging Times
by Tim Church, MD, MPH, PhD

Discover the mechanisms behind exercise and your drive to eat in this fascinating session led by a distinguished physician and obesity researcher. You’ll look at the data to help you see how your body responds to physical activity and what impact this has on your eating behaviors, among other things. In the end, you’ll come away with strategies for making the best of both worlds.

Session 8: Figuring Out Your New Family Flow – Master the ABC’s of Your “New Normal”
by Nina Crowley, PhD, RDN, LD

In this session, you’ll hear from a registered dietitian, health psychologist and busy multi-tasking mom. Dr. Crowley will equip you with strategies for balancing work, home, school, and everything in between. From your family’s mental health to physical health, she’ll give tips for prioritizing these important aspects – including food and exercise strategies, stress relief, and ways to make healthy habits out of hidden opportunities.

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