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Health and Wellness Guide

Managing your weight and health is not a simple process, and the Your Weight Matters Campaign knows this! More than just a simple equation demanding that you “eat less and move more,” healthy weight-loss consists of a variety of factors that may seem overwhelming at times. However, although the journey can be frustrating, you should still take the time to celebrate that you’ve passed the very first step: you’ve committed to putting your health first and striving for a happy, healthy life!


Although there’s a clear starting line (which you’ve passed!) it’s important to remember that the journey with weight and health is an ongoing process. Every day, you are required to make decisions which will ultimately affect your health — from your body to your brain! Even after you’ve reached your goals, conscious and healthy decisions are necessary in order to maintain your progress.

That’s where we come in. To help you navigate the sea of of nutrition and fitness advice, as well as all of the other wellness tips available to you wherever you look, the Your Weight Matters campaign offers you a FREE, comprehensive resources to help you lay a healthy foundation for your life and journey: the Your Weight Matters Health and Wellness Guide! This resource is dedicated to helping you find your way along the road to better health, and we hope that it can serve as an effective guide for finding long-term success that sticks!

health and wellness guideClaim Your Health and Wellness Guide NOW!

Our FREE 48-page Health and Wellness Guide is packed with valuable information that will equip you to:

  • Realize the influence of your behaviors on your weight
  • Create realistic goals that will lay the foundation for your accomplishments
  • Learn more about the connection between your weight and health
  • Break down the science complexities of nutrition in a way that’s easy to understand
  • Stay on track with your goals and make long-lasting improvements
  • Build solid, healthy habits

Inside this guide, you’ll also find useful tools such as a Body Mass Index (BMI) chart, food journal, activity tracker and more! We encourage you to take advantage of this FREE resource today. To order your FREE copy of the Your Weight Matters Health and Wellness Guide, please CLICK HERE.

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