Fun Seasonal Activities to Get Active this December!

Ice Skates Seasonal Activities

Temperatures have cooled off, the holiday season is in full swing, and the hustle and bustle of our year-end activities are keeping us busy as we make our way further into December.

On the other hand, December can also be a time of increased stress and stagnating productivity. Many of us put in extra hours at work to prepare for holiday time off and save for gift-giving expenses. Additionally, stress and increased exhaustion may keep us indoors as we fight off holiday traffic and catch up on rest. It can be a pretty bittersweet time of year!

Although the season can bring mixed emotions and create little room for taking care of yourself, self-care is absolutely essential — and that includes making time for exercise! Getting out and getting active can help you to ward off stress, stay focused and keep energized throughout the month. Below, we list a few special December activities that can help you have fun while benefiting your body (and brain!) at the same time.

Stay Active, Stay Healthy with these Fun Seasonal Activities!

Getting out to enjoy the fun activities that December has to offer can benefit your weight and health in a variety of ways. Take advantage of some of them below!

  • Ice Skating – Even if you live in a region with no snow, ice skating can be a big holiday hit. Many cities open up temporary rinks for families to skate and celebrate the holidays. Skating can help you exercise your muscles, burn calories and spend quality time with loved ones on the ice!
  • running shoes outdoor activitiesSeasonal Runs/Marathons – Similar to November’s “Turkey Trot,” December hosts a variety of seasonal runs/marathons for the entire family. You may find a Reindeer Run or a Jingle Bell Jog, for example. No matter your fitness level, these holiday events are a great way to stay active and get festive!
  • Holiday Hikes – By this time of year, the leaves have changed and the weather has cooled — so it’s a perfect time to enjoy a nature walk or hike in your favorite outdoor destination! Lace up some tennis shoes, bring a sweater and pack some healthy, nutritious snacks to give you energy. Surrounding yourself with nature is a great relaxation technique!
  • Christmas tree holiday activitiesSnow-themed Exercise – If you live in a geographic region where snow has begun to fall (or will soon, at least), there’s plenty of physical activity you can get from the ice. Consider family snow angels, snow boarding, skiing, tubing and general play.
  • Tree Lot Volunteering – Many Christmas tree lots seek help for the holidays. By volunteering, you can get a good amount of physical activity by cutting, trimming, lifting and unloading holiday trees for other families.
  • Indoor Workouts – Too cold outside? You can exercise indoors to your favorite upbeat holiday music. Be sure to squeeze in a mixture of cardio and strength training workouts while you get festive at the same time!

Looking for More Outdoor Activities?

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