What’s Your Health Motivation? Tips and Tricks to Inspire

Know your health motivation and live your truth

All of us have a different health motivation. And probably even more than one. What inspires you to get up every day and work toward a healthier you? What fuels each of your efforts? Before you start working toward your goals, always know your motivation behind it.

Perhaps you want to be able to chase your grandchildren around the house, or accompany them on a long hike. Maybe you want to run a marathon or travel to a new city with enough mobility. Maybe you want to erase any weight-related co-morbidities.

Whatever you want to be or to do, use your motivation as a stepping stone. Don’t lose site of what ignites your hard work and carries you toward the finish line.

Leverage Your Health Motivation

Using your motivation means keeping it close. When the going gets tough, you’ll want to have it handy for easy access. Here are some tips for standing on your motivation for success:

  • Write it down in a journal somewhere in the front pages
  • Consider your motivation every time you begin a new goal
  • Cross-reference your motivation every time you achieve a goal
  • Tape it to your bathroom mirror or above the scale
  • Communicate your motivation to loved ones and health providers
  • Pull it out when you feel like throwing in the towel
  • Ensure it’s realistic and achievable
  • If you reach your motivation, ask yourself, “What can I work toward now?”

Final Thought

There may be a number of reasons for why you are working toward a healthier weight. All of them are valid and important to hold on to! They may also change a lot over time, just like your journey.

Whatever they are, use them as tools in your toolbox. They will keep you focused, energized and determined. They may even make the difference between giving up and finding success.

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