This Valentine’s Day, Show YOURSELF Some Love!

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day… it’s a holiday saturated with messages about love, respect, and showing appreciation for the people in your life that you care about the most. When you think of this unique day, you may conjure up images of flower bouquets, heart-shaped chocolates and other perfect gifts to give to those kinds of people in your life – whether it be a romantic partner, child, sibling, etc. But this Valentine’s Day, what if we stop to consider ourselves, too?

Think about it: love and relationships are about long-term commitment. We live inside of our body and minds forever, so shouldn’t we show ourselves the same kind of respect and commitment?

Improve Your Relationship with YOURSELF this Valentine’s Day


Sure, showing love to the other people in your life is important — but so are YOU! Loving, respecting and committing to yourself can help you on your journey with weight and health both mentally and physically. Consider these tips for giving Valentine cheer right back to YOU this holiday.

  • Take Time for Self-forgiveness – If you’ve been experiencing feelings of guilt or self-blame, let this be the day you erase them. Make room for self-forgiveness in all areas of your life, because you can’t move forward with them holding you down!
  • Acknowledge Your Positive Traits and Accomplishments – Write down and speak out loud the things you DO love about yourself and the things you’re proud of. It’s important to give yourself credit, and your self-esteem depends on it!
  • Set Aside Time for Self-care Days – You’ve probably been thinking about it, but now it’s time to take action! Mark your calendar with your next self-care day (maybe even more than one). Do you want a massage? A shopping trip? Time out with friends or a small vacation to rejuvenate? Pencil it in.
  • Trim Your “To-do” List – Nobody likes clutter, especially when your schedule is involved. Tackling some of the tasks on your “To-do” list can help alleviate stress and bring you the feeling of accomplishment.
  • Make Healthy Choices for Your Body – Don’t think of health as a chore – think of it as treating your body with love and respect. Give yourself the time for extra sleep, exercise frequently and consistently, and shop for/prepare nutritious foods that will benefit your health. You deserve it!

So, this Valentine’s Day, remember that YOU matter and you deserve to show yourself some love! By treating your body (and mind!) with care and respect, you’re setting yourself up for success as you tackle your goals for weight and health.

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