Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain While Staying at Home

Holidays at home

The holiday season looks a bit different this year with the world still navigating the Coronavirus pandemic. For those staying at home during the holidays, it’s easy to fall into a habit of increased snacking and more time spent on the couch or in bed.

Here are some tips to help you avoid holiday weight gain while staying at home and taking care of yourself. You want to start the New Year off healthy!

1 – Resist Mindless Eating

  • Identify a set place for eating such as your kitchen table.
  • Portion out your snacks into small containers.
  • Stock on up nutritious snacks such as low-fat cheese sticks, yogurt, fruit and nut butter, hummus and carrots, or homemade trail mix.
  • Before reaching for a snack, determine whether you are truly hungry. You might just be thirsty, stressed or bored.
  • Clean your kitchen and toss out unnecessary processed foods and sugary snacks.
  • Limit liquid calories and aim to drink at least 60 fluid oz. of water each day.

2 – Make an Effort to Go Outside

  • Take Fido on more walks than usual – your pup will love the quality time!
  • Go on meditative walks around your neighborhood or at a nearby park.
  • Get some fresh air by relaxing on your porch or in your backyard.
  • Shovel snow and take care of any outdoor yard work.
  • Go on a family bike ride or play an outdoor sport together.

3 – Practice Self-Care

  • Eat regular and balanced nutritious meals.
  • Prioritize getting quality sleep and catch those Z’s.
  • Spend some time on your hobbies or activities you enjoy such as crafting, reading, cooking, listening to music or playing a board game.
  • Find outlets to manage stress – i.e. home workouts, video-calling a loved one, journaling, or trying something new to pass the time.
  • Take extra time on self-care activities that renew your energy and make you happy.

4 – Make Your Own Meals

  • Ditch delivery or take-out in favor of making a healthier homemade meal.
  • Browse online for recipe ideas to add to your cookbook of things to try.
  • Stock up on lean proteins and a variety of fruits and vegetables to have on-hand.
  • Get creative with your cookware: Instant pots, crockpots, pressure cookers, Dutch ovens, cast irons, air fryers, rotisserie ovens and more.
  • Bond with your family by making a delicious meal together with all hands on deck.

Have a happy and healthy holiday season, regardless of how you choose to spend it!

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