Tips for Setting Realistic Weight-loss Goals


You’ve decided to undertake the journey toward improved weight and health, and you’re determined (and excited!) to make progress and see change happen. But what types of goals are you setting? Are they realistic?

Many people who begin the challenge of losing weight often expect to make landmark progress right away, and they’re usually disappointed with the reality of this difficult journey. The truth is that losing weight, and maintaining it afterwords, takes effort and time. Remember – your ultimate goal should involve forming healthy habits that you can carry with you long after you reach your ideal weight. Below, we offer you some ways to make realistic, long-lasting progress as part of your success story!

Tips for Setting Realistic Weight-loss Goals: Lay the Foundation for Success!

  • Aim for slow, weekly progress – Don’t make the mistake of setting out to lose the most amount of weight in the shortest amount of time. Average weight-loss is around one to two pounds per week, depending on the individual. Slow and consistent progress will only help your body to adjust to a lower weight – so cut it some slack!
  • Reach out for support – Two heads are always better than one! The support of others on your weight management journey will only help you to progress further. Feelings of shame or embarrassment often accompany wight-loss goals for many people, but don’t isolate yourself. Ask a spouse, friend or family member to keep you accountable, exercise with you or just share words of encouragement!
  • Find an exercise you enjoy and start slow – Exercise plays a big role in managing weight, but staying active is more difficult when you’re not having fun. Find an exercise or activity that you genuinely enjoy doing, and then slowly begin to incorporate it into your routine with greater frequency over time. Be creative!
  • Make meal times a joint effort – By bringing your family or friends together to prepare food, you might find it easier to shop healthy and eat healthy! Invite others to go grocery shopping with you, and let their ideas help you in choosing nutritious ingredients and recipes.
  • Recognize progress and credit yourself – Many people tend to ignore their small successes in light of their bigger goals. At the end of each day, think back to every step you took toward better health and be proud! For tips on how to measure success beyond the scale, CLICK HERE. 

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