Tips for Working Out in Cooler Weather

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December is here, and it’s getting a little chilly! Cold temperatures can often discourage us from physical activity and tempt us to stay inside where it’s warm and comfortable. For this reason, many of us become sedentary during the Fall/Winter months and struggle with weight management.

Tips for Working Out in Cooler Weather

You may be facing a lack of exercise motivation, but don’t let the weather discourage you! Exercise can be safe and fun in almost any type of weather, so long as you have some tricks and tips under your sleeve.

  • Check the Forecast Early – Each day, check the weather forecast to know what you can expect. This will help you plan what to wear and decide the location of your workout.
  • Dress in Layers – Saddle up with plenty of layers including socks, pants, undershirts, long sleeve shirts, jackets, gloves, a hat, etc. Don’t forget thick and durable sneakers!
  • Don’t Forget to Drink Fluids – Many of us only think about staying hydrated in warmer weather, but fluids are just as important in cooler weather. Drink water before, during and/or after your workouts when necessary.
  • Find Exercise Alternatives – Is it really too cold to work out outside? Consider an in-home workout that day or even hit the gym.
  • Wear Reflective Clothing – It often gets dark quicker in cooler weather, so make sure you’re visible to others if you’re exercising outside.
  • Know the Warning Signs – It’s time to seek help if you’re experiencing symptoms of frostbite, hypothermia,  etc. Those include numbness, fatigue, loss of coordination and intense shivering.
  • Dress in the Appropriate Materials – These include polyester, wool or fleece. Try to avoid heavy cotton materials that sop up sweat as these will make you wetter and colder.

For the next couple of months, cooler weather might be the norm. But you don’t have to put your exercise routine on old! Simply follow the tips above to stay comfortable and healthy.

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