There’s an App for That: Technology and Weight Management

There's an App for That

Springtime is usually known for tackling projects like cleaning out your garage or attic. As you are removing the dead spiders in your world, how about doing a little Spring cleaning of your phone apps? We all have a handful of apps that we have downloaded, didn’t find useful or never opened again. Delete those and consider using that newfound space on your phone to download one of the following apps that are guaranteed to be useful in helping you live a healthy life!

Goal Setting

Google Calendar (Free)

It’s more than just a calendar app; it can help you achieve your goals! We all know that one key to achieving goals is putting them in writing and developing an action plan. Google Calendar can help with both! Open the app, click the “+” icon and select “goal.” You can chose from predetermined goals like exercising a certain number of days a week, or you can create a custom goal like walking at lunchtime. Google calendar will place your goal on your calendar, set reminders and show you your progress!

Healthy Food

ShopWell (Free)

This app can really help you make shopping for healthy foods at the grocery store easier. When you first open the app, you’ll want to enter your personal health goals along with any allergies or health concerns you may have. Do you want to avoid gluten, lactose, or food that is high in sodium? Do you want to find foods higher in protein or iron? Are you allergic to shellfish or peanuts? Info like that will generate healthier choices for you.

Then, as you are shopping, just scan the bar code of any item and the ShopWell app will let you know if this item works with your goals. Or, if not, it can suggest options that might be the better choice. There’s also plenty of recipes and nutrition tips from the app’s built-in registered dietitian!

Body Moving

Spotify (Free, Full version $9.99/month)

We lead busy lives, and sometimes getting to the gym is just not an option! On days like that, I open my Spotify app to find a playlist with a great beat and dance! 3-4 songs = 10 minutes. Do that 3 times in a day and that’s a 30-minute workout! You can create your own playlist or choose from other Spotify listener’s lists. Check out our latest Your Weight Matters Spotify playlist HERE.

Drinking Water

Plant Nanny (Free)

It’s easy to mistake thirst for hunger. Use this fun app to track your daily water intake and get reminders when it’s time to drink up. When you first use the app, you’ll be asked to enter some info like height and weight that help determine how many cups of water is recommended for you to be drinking each day. Then you get to select your plant! Throughout the day as you drink your water, you tap the little circle in the bottom right hand corner of the app which will water your plant. The goal, of course, is to drink all the cups of water you’re supposed to have every day and keep your plant happy (and you both well hydrated!) Don’t forget to drink/water your plant or it might shrivel up.

Managing Stress

Calm (Basic is Free, Full version is $4.99/month)

Need to find a little peace during your day? Download the Calm app and select from a variety of background scenery and sounds (a mountain lake, soft rainfall, crackling fire are some examples), and then set the timer and relax for a few minutes. If you prefer guided meditation, you can choose from several on the free version (more on full). This app is a great stress reliever and great alternative to grabbing a snack!

Spring Break Traveling

Farmstand (Free)

A great way to eat healthy (fresh and local) when you are traveling is to find a farmers’ market! Grab some local cheese, fresh fruits and veggies and you have a delicious lunch. You may even get a few tips from the locals about where to go for dinner or great sightseeing places within walking distance. The Farmstand app uses your phone’s GPS to find the farmers’ market near you, or you can filter your search by area. App users can leave comments and photos with tips about what’s in season or any great deals you don’t want to miss.

For more apps, you can view of one our past Your Weight Matters Magazine articles on the topic by CLICKING HERE.

About the Author: 

Michelle VicariMs. Vicari is a 10-year post-operative gastric bypass patient, maintaining her 158-pound weight-loss. Ms. Vicari is well-known for her popular blog and Facebook page, The World According to Eggface, where she shares her weight-loss journey and supports individuals on theirs. Ms. Vicari’s healthy recipes and post-bariatric surgery lifestyle tips have been featured on television, in magazines, and numerous hospital newsletters and Web sites. 

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